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Hairy Tarantula Blog

Monday Nights At The HAIRYT!

21st Jan, 19


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Ravnica Allegiances Pre-Release Weekend January 19th & 20th

16th Jan, 19

Hairy Tarantula Challenge Series
Registration: Until 11:55am
Start Time: 12 noon
Entry Fee: $40
Format: Sealed Deck (Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease)
Players who preregister by Thursday, January 17 will be able to select which guild…

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Ravnica Alligiance limited set review by Team Hairy Tarantula member David Rood

15th Jan, 19

Welcome to the first limited preview I am doing for Hairy Tarantula! I’m excited about this set, as it looks like they balanced the guilds pretty well and the format seems interesting. For a frame of reference this is how I am going to rate cards in my guides,…

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