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Hairy Tarantula Blog

Weekly Special: January 8th to 14th

8th Jan, 18

Looking for a great way to experience the deeper lores and world of role-playing games?
This week RPG supplements are 20% off!

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Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease Weekend:Jan 13th & 14th!

8th Jan, 18

The Golden City of Orazca has been found! Build your forces and stake your claim to Orazca this Saturday and Sunday at the Hairy Tarantula Pre-release Weekend!
We will be holding events all weekend long. Hook up with a crew and plunder Ixalan.  Join in the fun with our most…

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2018 Hairy Tarantula Challenge Series

5th Jan, 18

The series is back for another year! This year we’re running two seasons!

Final Challenge Format:
Thanks to feedback we received, we’re adjusting the Final Challenge format. The Final Challenge will consist of Dominaria Booster Draft in rounds 1-3, and Modern rounds 4-7 and Top 8.

Qualifying for the Final Challenge:

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