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Buying Large quantities of cards (example Cubes/Commander decks)

We understand that our customers love commander, and we love it too. Because we love it so much, we want to help you acquire your cards faster. And we ask, that you help us to help you.

If you plan on purchasing whole decks such as commander or for cubes. We ask, that you please sort your lists by set, so to quicken the processing time to serve you better.
Or place your order online and it can be sent right to your home or for in store pick up! Please visit our site at


Selling us your MTG/TCG Cards

Please visit our website for all buylist items

Buying/Selling Bitcoin

Buying and Selling Bitcoins through us is an easy process.

Buying Bitcoin

We use VTM (Virtual Teller Machine). It scans the QR Code on your bitcoin wallet. If you do not own a bitcoin wallet, we suggest using Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet which can be found on both the apple, and google play stores.


The VTM is owned by a 3rd party company, and they set the rates for the transactions. Our staff, can not override the rates or change them. If you wish to know what the current rate is, please visit


All transactions are CASH ONLY, with a minimum purchase of $500 dollars.

The VTM uses email verification when sending bitcoins. This is used to PROTECT both parties. The email address that you provide will have a transaction receipt, and blockchain information sent to it. This email will also contain a customer service phone number. This is the number that you call in case there are any issues regarding your transaction. Please do not call the store regarding transactions. The store staff will refer you to the customer service number listed on your receipt.


Once payment is made, we will confirm the total with you, and process your order.

Selling us your bitcoin!

Please call ahead at 647-430-1263
Recommended wallets from your app store:
Andriod users: Mycellium
Apple users: Bread


Selling Us Your Used Board Games

All of the used games we sell have been inspected thoroughly for any damage and completeness. Games are graded and discounted according to store standards; incomplete games will be not accepted and any significant damage will reduce our offer on a given board game.

1. All board games must be in English, with an English rulebook. Games will not be accepted without the rule book or a legible printed/copied facsimile.

2. All board games will be checked and verified to ensure all the components are present.

3. We reserve the right to refuse any buy, for any reason, at any time.

4. If you have more than two games, please email us with a list of board games you wish to sell. We will email you back regarding what games we are interested in and to set up an appointment to check the contents. This is a time-consuming process, and may take upwards of an hour or more depending on the size of the collection being brought in. Make sure you don’t have somewhere to be!

5.We reserve the right to ask for Photo ID to finalization all transactions

Selling Us Your Roleplaying Games

So you’ve played Tomb of Horrors and you’ve scratched that lich? Run Pathfinder so many times you’re looking for a new trail to blaze?  Now it’s time for new challenges; trade in your old games to us and set forth on your new adventures by following these easy steps!


First check out our most wanted list located here:
These are our most sought after titles currently!

Please Read All of the Instructions listed below.

Collections (Over 11+ Books):

1 – Send us a list of the RPG books you want to sell, along with a single hi-res photo of the books in a pile (showing the spines!) to This helps us view the contents, as well as, give us an idea of what we are interested in and the grade and conditions of the books.

2 – Once we have reviewed your email, we will message you back confirming the contents, along with what we are interested in purchasing. Then set up an appointment to view the collection (please note this is for collections only).

3 – Once we have completed grading and processing your collection/books in person, we will make an offer. Please note that our offers will always carry a bonus for store credit over cash. This means that if you’re looking to trade in, you will always get more value than if you just want to sell books to us.

General (All Trades):

4 – We will pay you with a cheque for larger purchases.

5 – RPG books are graded differently than comic books and CCGs; we value complete box sets and books over corners and spines.

6 - We reserve the right to ask for Photo ID to finalization all transactions.

7 – All hail Cthulhu! Fnord.

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