Hairy Tarantula – Journey into Nyx PTQ: Location & Parking


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Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ryerson University’s Kerr Hall gymnasium provides ample space for more than 500 wizards and witches to wage cardboard warfare throughout the entire day. The Hall itself is located at 379 Victoria Street and is a mere 5 minute walk from both the Yonge/College and the Yonge/Dundas subway stations.


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For those of you traveling by car (or caravan), downtown Toronto offers a wide variety of parking options – but they aren’t always easy to find. For your convenience here is a Google map with numerous public parking lots labeled. You may also be able to find pay meters on the street but visitors are advised that parking enforcement is aggressive in Toronto – if you park in restricted areas or in residential spots without tags you absolutely will be ticketed or towed.


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