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There’s only so much any one person can do to combat the rapacious and malevolent greed that is devouring this planet in the guise of various governments and mega-businesses. But for what it’s worth, I’m willing to buy 100 lunches for 100 people – the first 100 people to close an account at one of the big banks and open one with a credit union. The amount of our money that these parasites devour from our pockets is literally criminal. Our government is complicit in the giga-crime ($70,000,000,000 bailout, anyone?). Just how many people can you buy off with a sliver of $70,000,000,000 anyway? Why are people starving in the streets, or barely making ends meet for years at a time, while malicious banking gnomes are syphoning entire markets of wealth into their clever little fiefdoms of ill-gotten gazillions? Some of the responsibility is ours, because we empower them by dealing with them at all. To ignore something is even more powerful than attacking it in many respects. So by digging the evil roots of the banks right out of our personal lives, we can deprive them of the means to continue, and empower local alternatives – like the neighbourhood credit union.

One more thing: The mortgage (a literal contract until death) is the backbone of the banking cartels. The scam is run by illegally inventing fraudulent wealth on their books by simple ledger (now computerized) entry when providing “loans”, and collecting untold zillions in real sweat equity as us suckers repay actual dollars at the risk of losing our homes or cars or businesses. It’s a heck of a racket, and if you ever look around and wonder what’s wrong with the world, then you should know that it’s largely our continued tolerance for the lowest form of human parasite – the crooked international bankers – and their atrocious schemes (that are completely illegal in the observant muslim world, by the way, which might help you understand a lot of that more recent nonsense as well). To address this horrendous quagmire of evil consequence and ignorant complicity, I will also give $50 worth of product from the store if you switch a mortgage away from one of the big banks and over to a credit union. I’ll bet you’ve been meaning to get around to it anyway. The nice people at the bank branch are obviously not serial liars, thieves, and murderers – but the clowns running that circus certainly are.

If anyone has any other good ideas on correcting or dissolving the big banks, feel free to let me know. Meanwhile, 100 free lunches await. Just drop me an e-mail at Leon@HairyT.com to advise me of your triumphant affirmation of financial sovereignty and arrange a time and place for lunch. Alternately mail correspondence to Leon c/o Hairy Tarantula 354 Yonge St. Toronto Ont. M5B-1S5. I will post updates periodically. Let’s play a different game…