Magic Themed Art by Clockwork Cadaver in the Creator’s Corner


Hello and welcome everyone. Today the Hairy Tarantula and its Creator’s Corner are proud to present some of the Magic themed work of our first featured creator – Clockwork Cadaver. These creations were originally used as part of the Hairy T’s ongoing Magic promotional work but after looking over the stunning images the artist has created, we couldn’t resist featuring them in the Creator’s Corner. Unfortunately, these specific works are not for sale, but interested parties can contact the artist directly at the Clockwork Cadaver account on Tumblr.


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PTQ Reform: The Line Between Epic and Unreasonable (Kelly Ackerman)


Is it really possible to have too much of a good thing? Can an event or an experience grow to the point that it’s simply too large to serve it’s original purpose? Is it worth spending between thirty and forty dollars to attend a PTQ for a one in four hundred chance of winning a Pro Tour invite? Is there anything we can do about this “problem” or have PTQs simply become the victim of their own success? Our resident tournament organizer and master of magical gatherings Kelly Ackerman attempts to answer these questions and more on Manadeprived in another groundbreaking article about organizing large tournaments. So strap on your crash helmets and click on the link below because this is one Magic carpet ride you won’t want to miss folks:

Kelly Article Link PTQ Reform

Breaking News: Black Friday Sale (all weekend) at the Hairy T


Let’s face it, the modern nerd lives in a world that’s becoming increasingly intimate and interconnected across vast distances. Every day we live, love and most importantly, share our lives with each other via the internet, social media networks and television broadcasts. In a world this small, does it really make sense that only American consumers get to enjoy sweet deals on everything they buy during glorious Black Friday sales? Of course not. To combat this travesty of justice, we’ve enlisted the help of Riley, our store mascot and strategic planner in charge of all things Black Friday and here’s what he had to say:


Hairy T Black Friday Ad Final Version


Frankly, Riley took the words right our mouths – the Hairy Tarantula is proud to present the first annual edition of our “Black Friday, Eh?” sale starting this Friday and running until close at 7PM on Sunday. Now you can get great deals comparable to a Hairy T quarterly sale before Christmas… while still living in a country that knows what Poutine is supposed to taste like. Riley, the Hairy Tarantula and You – thumbing our noses at silly international borders since 2013.

– Jessica Drew, cat wrangler and Hairy T social media director.


PS – for a more eyeball/mobile friendly look at our “Black Friday, Eh?” sale, click on the pic below:

Riley Black Friday Button