Let the Games Begin – Born of the Gods Midnight Madness Pre-Release at the Hairy T North is Tonight!


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That’s right spellcasters, the wait is finally over – Born of the Gods Pre-Release Weekend officially kicks off at the Hairy T North with our Midnight Madness Sealed tournament at 12AM tonight! This is your absolute first chance to get your hands on Born of the Gods packs as part of our epic lineup of exciting pre-release events at the Hairy T North this weekend.

$30 to enter – 3 Rounds of Sealed Magic Action

The Hairy Tarantula North

6979 Yonge St – Yonge & Steeles Intersection

Toronto, Ontario – North York

(647) 430 – 1263

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The Fro Knows: Buying Into Born of the Gods (Part One) – Tyler Priemer in the Creator’s Corner

Winter MtG Standard season is just heating up at the Hairy Tarantula and here on the Creator’s Corner – veteran MtG writer, brewer and PTQ grinder Tyler “the ‘Fro” Priemer has taken over the Corner once again with his entertaining and informative series of MtG articles: The Fro Knows. This week Tyler gives you part one of a two part series designed to highlight the hidden gems of Magic’s newest set – Born of the Gods. Readers interested in checking our more of Tyler’s work are encouraged to hop on over to Legit MTG and check out Priemer’s Primers Tyler’s excellent series of MtG Legacy articles.


*Disclaimer* I must warn you all that these will not be financial articles. I have no interest in buying, selling, and flipping cards for profit. If that’s what you’re here for, prepare to be disappointed.

For those of you who follow me on social media, my opinions about Born of the Gods are no secret. I’m really not a fan of most of the rares and mythics in this set. While there is plenty of promise for the Theros/Born of the Gods Limited format, my initial impressions about the card quality for Constructed were rather pessimistic. However, as I am a brewer at heart, I decided to sift through the spoilers for cards that piqued my interest and I was surprised to find that there were actually several. In this week’s instalment I will be covering the Aggro and Midrange gems I found in Born of the Gods.

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The Hairy T Presents: MtG Born of the Gods Pre-Release Weekend – February 1st & 2nd



For the past few years, debate has raged in Magic circles about which was better: large, regional Magic pre-release events held in a central location or intimate, store-run events that helped grow local MtG environments? Would players prefer a vast, carnival-like tournament that gathered mages from all around, or the personal service and casual focus of their local game store? This weekend, the debate is over because now you can have both types of pre-release events with the Hairy Tarantula:


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Wednesday Update: The Hairy T at Anime North, HTN Board Game Night & More!


Deep inside the heart of the Tarantula clan stronghold, our diligent Spiderlings have already begun to prepare for a massive undertaking of ginormous proportions! That’s right folks, the Hairy Tarantula is headed back to Anime North once again for 3 days of fun at Canada’s premier fan-run anime convention. Pre-registration is now open – don’t get the checkout line/attendance cap blues, guarantee your place at Anime North by pre-registering now! Check out our very early edition of the Hairy T at Anime North 2014 page by clicking the button below. You’ll find a pre-registration link, plus more information about the our booth and the events the Hairy T sponsors at Anime North:

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Looking for something to do tonight instead? Why not check out Board Game Night at the Hairy Tarantula North? It’s free to play, we provide plenty of popular games to try and it’s a great chance to meet other gamers who share your passion for board gaming:

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