Reminder – The Hairy T Will Be Vending at Magic, Boardgames & Beers March 9th!


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Looking for the perfect combination of Magic, Board Games, Karaoke, Poutine and alcoholic beverages? Then Kelly Ackerman Events Management has just the event for you – Magic, Boardgames & Beers this March 9th at Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto! With a non-stop selection of fun events from 2PM until just into the next morning this promises to be the social gaming event of the season – and the Hairy T is going to be there with our great selection of board games. Click on the image above to visit our events page or drop by the Magic, Boardgames & Beers Facebook page to get the info directly from the source. With tickets available online and at both Hairy T Locations, you’ll want to act fast and guarantee your place at the party!

– Team Tarantula


The Fro Knows – Brewing with Big Butts (Game Day Edition)


Game Day is one of those tournaments that is not meant to be taken seriously. It’s the ideal hybrid of casual and competitive that is more often than not the testing ground for brewers. Guaranteed promo cards, awesome “Champion” playmats (sometimes even “Champio”), and the potential to win a sick full art foil for making Top 8 is often enough to get even the most seasoned kitchen table player out to their Local Game Store. With Game Day this weekend, I’ve been challenged to come up with a new brew just in time to wreck some faces, and maybe have a little fun in the process.

In every set there’s a card that everyone wants to build around. These types of cards have incredibly powerful effects, but are equally difficult to build with. Cards like Craterhoof Behemoth, Protean Hulk, Demon of Death’s Gate, and Upheaval take time and effort to find their niches, but once they do they become metagame staples. With a little creativity and a lot of madness these massive haymakers can become dominant forces in their formats. This level of power is what I hope to achieve with my latest brewing challenge: Phenax, God of Deception.

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Got game? Don’t worry spiderlings, we have plenty of open games you can use for free at our Hairy T North Board Game night. Check out our wares or bring your favorites from home to share with the group: the Hairy T North Board Game night is a great way to meet friendly people, try out new games and have a great time for absolutely ZERO dollars. The Hairy T North – taking the “bored” out of Board Gaming; every Wednesday at 6PM.

– Team Tarantula