Hairy Tarantula October Monthly Special!



MTG: Khans of Tarkir  $99.95 per box
$3.10 per pack
3 for $8.85


Graphic Novels – U.S. Cover Price
20% off US Cover for Marvel/DC/Image
Members 25% off US Cover for Marvel/DC/Image

Board Games – 30% off all Blue Stickers
Red Stickers are New Lower Prices!


And much, much more! See our MONTHLY SPECIALS page for details!

Khans of Tarkir Pre-Release Weekend at the Hairy T North


Battle for cardboard supremacy this weekend with the clans of Tarkir and the Hairy T North. Beginning at midnight on Friday (Saturday morning) and running all the way until Sunday evening the Hairy T North is going to be jam packed with Magic Pre-Release action this weekend. Click on our link above for more details and see you this weekend cardflopping wizards!


Reminder – Wednesday is New Book Day

Hairy T - We Sell Great Books Ad

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