Reminder: HT Tumblr Contest Closes March 1st, Enter Today to Win!


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Hey there – did you know that the Hairy Tarantula has a Tumblr account? Of course you didn’t, because as of right now, we have almost no followers on Tumblr. Like a lost and lonely young arachnid, we’ve been broadcasting out into the Tumblr-sphere in search of fellow nerds. It’s been a couple of weeks now and frankly, we’re getting a little impatient here. That’s why, on behalf of the Hairy Tarantula Tumblr account, we’ve decided to bribe you to be our social media friends!

(Scroll down to check out the prizes)

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Step 1: Visit the Hairy T Tumblr account and follow us using your Tumblr. Don’t have a Tumblr account? No problem – you can create one in less than 5 minutes with just an email account. Frankly, we don’t actually care if you use your account outside of this contest but Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the internet. If you’re one of the intrepid souls already following us on Tumblr, skip directly to Step 2 below.

Step 2: After you’ve followed the Hairy T Tumblr account, simply send us a message saying “I’d like to be entered into the Hairy Tarantula Tumblr Contest” to register for our draw. You can message us by using our Ask page – here.

On March 1st, we’ll randomly draw 3 entries from this list and if your name is draw and you’re still following us on Tumblr, you win – it’s that simple folks! Of course there are some pesky rules to get out of the way so here goes:

  • Contestants may only enter the contest once and must both follow the Hairy T Tumblr account and message us on Tumblr to enter the contest.
  • Contestants must still be following the Hairy T Tumblr account on March 1st when the draw is held – what you do with your account after the draw, is none of our business.
  • Prizes will be drawn randomly and contestants may only win one prize. Duplicate winners will simply be redrawn immediately.
  • Prize Winners will be announced on the Hairy T Website, the Hairy T Facebook page, The Hairy T Tumblr and the @HairyTarantula Twitter account on March 1st. We’ll also attempt to contact you personally by the end of the day via the Tumblr account you entered the contest with.
  • Prize Winners are responsible for picking up their prizes from one of our two Hairy Tarantula locations. We are prepared to ship your prizes to you if necessary but unfortunately must ask that you pay for any charges thereby incurred.
  • Prizes will be awarded “as is”: no cash payouts, no item swapping.
  • Current and former employees of the Hairy Tarantula are ineligible for the Hairy T Tumblr Contest.

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Whew, well there you have it folks – the Hairy Tarantula Tumblr Contest and an easy way have a chance at winning awesome, nerd-gear prizes for clicking a few buttons and pretending to care about social media for 5 minutes. How about it, are you in?

– Team Tarantula, “You can’t get that online”

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Vangel on Vintage: Ants in Your Pants


VoV AiYP Top Header JPG1

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Vangel on Vintage. In this edition of VoV we will be discussing one of the bogeymen of the Legacy format – Storm. The Storm mechanic initially debuted all the way back in Scourge, and turned out for the most part to be fairly balanced – with the exception of two cards. The first card in question is Mind’s Desire; which is so powerful, that it is banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage.  The second card is Tendrils of Agony, which is the centerpiece of the deck that I am about to present to you:

Ad Nauseam/Tendrils

VoV AiYP Duress Button1 Ad Nauseam
4 Brainstorm
4 Cabal Ritual
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Dark Ritual
3 Duress
4 Gitaxian Probe
1 Grim Tutor
4 Infernal Tutor
4 Lion’s Eye Diamond
4 Lotus Petal
1 Past in Flames
VoV AiYP Tendrils Button4 Ponder
2 Preordain
1 Tendrils of Agony

1 Badlands
1 Bayou
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Island
1 Misty Rainforest
4 Polluted Delta
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Swamp
3 Underground Sea
1 Verdant Catacombs

VoV AiYP X Swarm ButtonSideboard:

3 Abrupt Decay
2 Chain of Vapor
1 Echoing Truth
1 Empty the Warrens
2 Massacre
1 Pyroclasm
1 Thoughtseize
1 Tropical Island
3 Xantid Swarm


HT Magic Reversed TFK Liquid Blue Ripple 2 PNG1


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