Wednesday is New Book Day at Both Hairy Tarantula Locations!

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New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla WDW Blue PNG1Green Arrow Vol 6 Button JPG1Toto Trouble GN Vol 3: Ace Of Jokers
Enormous TPB Vol 1
Godkiller TPB Vol 1: Walk Among Us Part 1
Goners TP Vol 1: We All Fall Down
Warhammer 40K Damnation Of Pythos Novel
Dragonar Academy GN Vol 6
Disney Cinderella Cinestory TPB
Green Arrow TPB Vol 6 Broken
Holy F*Ck TPB Vol 1
Last West GN Vol 2
Lunch Witch GN Vol 1
Sunstone OGN Vol 2
Thomas Alsop TPB Vol 1
Walking Dead TPB Vol 23
Illustration Magazine #47
WDW Combo Button JPG1Batman TPB Vol 5: Zero Year Dark City
Original Sins TPB
X-Force TPB Vol 3: Ends Means
Elektra TPB Vol 2: Reverence
Fables TPB Vol 21: Happily Ever After
Gotham City Sirens TPB Book 2
Mercy Sparx TPB Vol 2
Cyber Force Rebirth TPB Vol 2
Headspace TPBSpiderverse Button JPG1
White Trash HC Vol 1
Palookaville HC Vol 22
Amazing Spider-Man Edge Of Spider-Verse TPB
Supermutant Magic Academy GN
Batman HC Vol 6: The Graveyard Shift
Throne Of Ice HC
Red Ten HC Vol 1
Avengers Epic Collection: Behold Vision TPB
Original Sin TPB
Swords Of Glass Dlx HC
Avatar Last Airbender Promise Library Ed HC
Marvels Avengers Age Of Ultron Art Movie Slipcase
Spider-Verse HC

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New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla WDW Blue PNG1

WDW Manga Button JPG1BMaria The Virgin Witch GN Vol 2
Noragami Stray God GN Vol 4
Say I Love You GN Vol 7
XXXHolic Rei GN Vol 3
My Gal The Zombie TPB
Mobile Suit Gundam Origin HC Vol 9
Certain Scientific Railgun GN Vol 10
Devils & Realist GN Vol 5
Dorohedoro GN Vol 15
Gantz TP Vol 35
Whispered Words GN Vol 1
Attack On Titan Junior High GN Vol 3
Looking Up At The Half Moon DVD Collection

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evolvehank PNG1POP! Cinderella Live Action Cinderella VF
POP! Evolve Hank VF
POP! Evolve Maggie VF
POP! Evolve Markov VF
POP! Evolve Val VF
POP! Jupiter Ascending Caine VF
POP! Jupiter Ascending Jupiter Jones VF
POP! Jupiter Ascending Queen Jupiter VF
POP! Penguins Of Madagascar Kowalski VF
POP! Penguins Of Madagascar Private VF
POP! Penguins Of Madagascar Rico VF
POP! Penguins Of Madagascar Skipper VF
POP! Evolve Goliath VF
Batman Arkham Knight Batman AF
Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn AF
Vinyl Vixens Classic DC Catwoman VF
Sailor Moon GM Fig Sailor Jupiter
ThreeA: X Doctor Doom Fig Classic Edition

Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of graphic novels, manga and collections at great prices – no matter what your pleasure, we’ve got a great read for you.

– Team Tarantula, You Can’t Get That Online

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HT MtG $2K Player’s Series Season One: Week Four Recap & Standings

HT Players Series Week 4 Recap Header JPG2

Welcome to another edition of the weekly report! This week featured the first round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, so no Premier Event this week, but the Weekly Events were full of movers and losers. As always you can find full standings here. For more information about the Hairy T Player’s Series in general, click here instead.

Weekly Events – April 20-26

This week saw some new names at the top of some events, and a few names start to solidify their points lead.

In Monday Draft, Nick Ma, Daniel Yang, and Jeffrey Wan all went a perfect 3-0 to add 10 points to their respective totals. But Patrick Wong captured the points lead as a result of a poor showing by former point leader Leslie Walderman. The top 5 of Monday Draft is as follows:

1st – Patrick Wong
2nd – Anthony Chen
T-3rd – Jeffrey Wan
T-3rd – Nick Ma
5th – Leslie Walderman

In Thursday Standard, Patrick Wong and Garry Lu both cleaned house and racked up 10 points each to pull back into contention for this event’s coveted Invitational slot. Meanwhile, Ian Ding busted out this week, dropping him to 3rd in points and allowing Daniel Yang to take the points lead. Top 5 of Thursday Standard are:

 1st – Daniel Yang
2nd – Benn Graham
T-3rd – Ian Ding
T-3rd – Eric Li
T-3rd – Chris Lake

The early round of Standard FNM saw Richard “5K” Wiradharma go undefeated, while Sid Reed carried his consistency forward another week, maintaining his points lead. The Top 5:

1st – Sid Reed
2nd – Ian Ding
3rd – Garry Lu
T-4th – Mike Shutov
T-4th – Daniel Yang

In the later round of Standard FNM, Garry Lu put on a clinic, taking the event’s lone 4-0 result and the points lead. Top 5:

 1st – Garry Lu
2nd – Arber Spiragu
3rd – Benn Graham
T-4th – Daniel Yang
T-4th – Ryan Alaurin

Speaking of clinics, Mike Shutov dominated Modern FNM this week to break the tie for the points lead. The rest of the top 5:

 1st – Mike Shutov
2nd – Caleb Keung
3rd – Matthew Loong
T-4th – Sherwin Couto
T-4th – James Weyler
T-4th – Gary Maguire

In the FNM wildcard race, Mike Shutov extended his cushion over 2nd place should the wheels fall off his Modern run. The Top 10:

 1st – Mike Shutov (Modern Leader)
2nd – Garry Lu (7pm Standard Leader)
3rd – Daniel Yang (Thursday Leader)
4th – Arber Spiragu
5th – Benn Graham
6th – Richard Wiradharma
T-7th – Kevin Ho
T-7th – Sid Reed (4pm Standard Leader)
T-7th – Ryan Alaurin
10th – Caleb Keung

Just a reminder that the Top 2 players in the wildcard race who are NOT already qualified are the ones who transfer through to the Invitational. This takes ALL other invite sources into account. These players are effectively the 27th and 28th players qualified.

Finally, Sunday Standard had a host of new faces, and a new points leader in Andrew Chung. The Top 5:

 1st – Andrew Chung
T-2nd – Kevin Ho
T-2nd – Ilya Ryskin
T-4th – Saran Tengtirasakul
T-4th – Stephen Mcmahon

Our next Premier Events are our Standard PPTQ (with bonus StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier prizes), and the side event Modern GPT for Grand Prix Las Vegas, both on Saturday, May 16.

Until next time,
Seth Black, Tournament Organizer

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The Fro Knows: Raptors in the Mist


TFK Raptors in the Mist Top Header JPG1

I was wrong about Deathmist Raptor. I’m mature enough to admit that my initial evaluation of the velociraptor-Predator…thing was lacking, and as such, I often argued that the card would see little play in the current Standard metagame. The card was certainly powerful on its own, and everyone knows I’m a sucker for graveyard recursion like Dredge cards and Vengevine, but when I first saw it I believed that there were too few ways to reliably bring it back from the graveyard. Whisperwood Elemental and Mastery of the Unseen were pretty much the only Constructed-level cards that could do it, and even then they were too slow to get going to really pressure the opponent. The original Green/White Devotion builds simply didn’t have the room to fit Deathmist Raptor.

Den Protector Actual Card JPG1Then, after Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, I received a stern reminder that Den Protector is, in fact, a card. This was the lynchpin to Deathmist Raptor’s success, as it was not only cheap enough to play and unmorph to trigger Deathmist Raptor, it also gave Green decks a way of getting extra value from their spent cards. What started off as a bulk rare shot up to being one of the most powerful cards in the set, and the Green/White Devotion deck adjusted to fit not only Deathmist Raptor, but the Den Protector as well.

Truth be told, as much as I’ve rallied behind Green/Red Devotion in the past, I have recently made the leap over to the White side, and I’ve never been happier with a Devotion deck. The synergy of Deathmist Raptor, Den Protector, and Mastery of the Unseen makes this style of deck a nightmare for Green decks and aggressive Red and White decks. You just create this wall of bodies that the opponent can’t break through, and even if they do, a simple unmorphed creature can build the wall right back with a sizable life point buffer as well. You just feel immortal once these engines start going, especially once you start using Den Protector’s trigger to bring back another Den Protector.

While I’m having a blast with the Devotion deck, I wanted to try something a little more aggressive. I wanted to take this engine to the extreme: An all-in morph deck, abusing as many morph engines as I could.

 TFK Raptors Elvish Mystic Button JPG1


4 Deathmist Raptor
4 Elvish Mystic
2 Temur Sabertooth
4 Den Protector
3 Temur Charger
3 Hidden Dragonslayer
3 Watcher of the RoostTFK Raptors ToP Button JPG1
2 Salt Road Ambushers
4 Obscuring AEther
TFK Raptors A Survivalist Button JPG14 Trail of Mystery
4 Mastery of the Unseen


4 Temple of Plenty
4 Windswept Heath
5 Plains
10 Forest



1 Hidden Dragonslayer
2 Whisperwood Elemental
3 Ainok Survivalist
2 Dromoka’s Command
2 Valorous Stance
3 Surge of Righteousness
2 Display of Dominance

HT Magic Raptors in the Mist PNG1

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