It’s New Book Day at both Hairy T Locations!

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All New Invaders TPB Vol 3: Martians Are ComingBatgirl Volume 5 Button JPG1
Batgirl TPB Vol 5: Deadline
Batman Adventures TPB Vol 2
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight TPB Vol 4
Deadpool Classic TPB Vol 11: Merc With A Mouth
Deadpool TPB Vol 8: All Good Things
Deathlok TPB Vol 1: Control Alt Delete
Edward Scissorhands TPB Vol 1: Parts Unknown
Garfield TPB Vol 6
Genius TPB Vol 1
Gold Diggger: Warnerd of Mars TPB
Guardians 3000 TPB Vol 1: Time After Time
Infinite Bowman GN
Knight Rider TPB Vol 1
Lenore Pink Bellies TPB
Light & Darkness War HC
Nick Fury Classic TPB Vol 3: Agent of ShieldMini Button JPG1
Nightcrawler TPB Vol 2: Reborn
Path of Exile TPB Vol 1: Origins
Pirate Eye: Exiled From Exile TPB
Savage Sword of Conan TPB Vol 19
Thanos Vs Hulk TPB
The Valiant TPB
Wolverines TPB Vol 2: Claw, Blade & Fang
You Don’t Say TPB

New Manga and Anime Header Deadpool Week JPG1New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Deadpool Red PNG1NGE Button JPG FinalAir Gear Omnibus GN Vol 5
Akira Kodansha Edition GN Vol 1
Aquarion Evol GN Vol 2
Attack On Titan: Before the Fall Kyklo Novel
Cardfight Vanguard GN Vol 6
Seven Deadly Sins GN Vol 8
Silent Voice GN Vol 1
Sweet Blood GN Vol 1
Tony Takezaki’s Neon Genesis Evangelion TPB
Yotsuba GN Vol 1 – New Printing
Marvel Now Deadpool Art FX Statue
POP! 16 Candles Long Duk Dong Vinyl Figure
POP! 16 Candles Ted the Geek Vinyl Figure
POP! GoT: Grey Worm Vinyl Figure
POP! GoT: The Mountain Vinyl Figure

Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of graphic novels, manga and collections at great prices – no matter what your pleasure, we’ve got a great read for you.

– Team Tarantula, You Can’t Get That Online

New Comic Day Sakkal Majalla Deadpool Red PNG1

New Weekly Special at both Hairy T Locations: Anime North Consolation Edition!

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Hopefully you made it to Anime North if you’re a fan of Japanese comics and animation, but for those of you who didn’t go this year we’re offering the Anime North Consolation Sale this week!  We sold a bunch of anime, but we still have loads left in stock – all now on sale for 10% off until the end of Sunday.

– Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

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