New Graphic Novels, Manga, Anime & Toys This Week at Both Hairy T Locations!


Hawkeye Top Header JPG1New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Purple2 PNG1Ultimate Spiderman Button JPG1Best Of Draw Magazine TPB Vol 1
Catwoman TPB Vol 6: Keeper Of The Castle
Conan Red Sonja HC
DC The New Frontier Deluxe Ed HC
Devlin Waugh Red Tide TPB
Evil Ernie TPB Vol 2: Rise Of Evil
Fairy Quest TPB Vol 2
Freehand Figure Drawing For Illustrators SC
M Morales Ultimate Spider-Man TPB Ultimate Col Vol 2
Hawkeye TPB Vol 4: Rio Bravo
Imperium TPB Vol 1: Collecting Monsters
Inhuman TPB Vol 3: Lineage
Last Ones HC
Magneto TPB Vol 3: Shadow Games
Maxx Maxximized HC Vol 4
Melody Story Of A Nude Dancer GN
Swamp Thing Button JPG1More Heroes & Heroines: Japanese VG & Animation
Muse Deluxe HC
Red Lanterns TPB Vol 6: Forged In Blood
Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who HC
Swamp Thing: The Root Of All Evil TPB
TMNT Animated TPB Vol 6: Vengeance Is Mine
Uncanny Avengers TPB Vol 5: Axis Prelude
VCS Hell In The Heavens Digest TPB
Wasteland TPB Vol 11: Floodland
X-O Manowar TPB Vol 1: By The Sword
Zero TPB Vol 4: Who By Fire
Batman & Robin TPB Vol 1: Born To Kill
Wayward TPB Vol 1: String Theory

Hawkeye WK Manga Anime Header JPG1New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Purple2 PNG1Sakamoto Button JPG1Aquarion Evol GN Vol 3
Devils & Realist GN Vol 6
Dragonar Academy GN Vol 7
Fairy Tail GN Vol 49
Havent You Heard? I’m Sakamoto GN Vol 1
Oh My Goddess Omnibus TPB Vol 1
One Piece GN Vol 1
One Piece GN Vol 3
One Piece GN Vol 5
Oreimo Kuroneko TPB Vol 1 ADV Season 5 Button JPG1
Silent Voice GN Vol 2
Yamada Kun & Seven Witches GN Vol 3
Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma GN Vol 6
Log Horizon Light Novel Vol 2
Adventure Time DVD Comp Fifth Season
Adventure Time BD Comp Fifth Season
Hayate Combat Butler Season 1 DVD Collection
Hayate Combat Butler Season 1 BD Collection


Hawkeye WK ToysStatues JPG1New This Week Purple2 png1Rangar Button PNG1POP! American Horror Story Tattler Twins Vinyl Fig
POP! American Horror Story Twisty Vinyl Fig
POP! Arrow Oliver Queen Arrow Vinyl Fig
POP! Doctor Who 4Th Doctor Vinyl Fig
POP! Orphan Black Sarah Manning Vinyl Fig
POP! Sesame Street Cookie Monster Vinyl Fig
POP! Sesame Street Ernie Vinyl Fig
POP! Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Trek TNG Data Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Trek TNG Deanna Troi Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Trek TNG Geordi Laforge Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Trek TNG Jean Luc Picard Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Trek TNG Klingon Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Trek TNG Worf Vinyl Fig
POP! Tomorrowland David Nix Vinyl Fig
POP! Tomorrowland Frank Walker Vinyl Fig
POP! Vikings Floki Vinyl Fig
POP! Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Vinyl Fig


– Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

New Comic Day Sakkal Majalla Purple2 PNG1

Hairy T MtG Player’s Series: What’s New In Season Two!

HT Players Series Season 2 Top Header JPG1

The Hairy Tarantula MtG Player’s Series is back with a vengeance – it’s Season Two action from August 1st to November 14th, 2015. With 8 Weekly Event Day Slots, 10 Premier Events and a Last Chance Qualifier – your chances of qualifying for our November 29th Season 2 Invitational have never been better!

So what’s new for Season Two? For starters, we’ve made a minor adjustment in how we process weekly Magic Events during the Player’s Series. Now instead of qualifying by event, players will compete for one of 8 Event Day slots to earn an Invitational berth. This frees competitors to choose the events they want to participate in, without necessarily locking them into the same format all of the time. The 8 Event Day slots are:

  • Sunday Standard/Modern
  • Monday Draft
  • Tuesday Legacy
  • Thursday Standard
  • 4 PM FNM Standard
  • 7 PM FNM Standard/Modern/Draft
  • 4 PM FNM Wildcard
  • 7 PM FNM Wildcard

Yes, that’s right – we’ve also added a weekly Legacy event to the Hairy T MtG Player’s Series so that old school MtG enthusiasts can play along too! With easier ways to qualify across a more diverse spread of formats, we’re hoping this will our best Invitational series yet!

Finally, don’t forget to check out our new Hairy T MtG Player’s Series Season Two Premier Event Schedule! With ten great events, including two MtG Game Days – we’ve got a way to qualify for everyone, at all levels of participation:

Hairy T Players Series Points Season 2 Invitational JPG1

Hairy T Players Series Master Event Schedule Season 2 PNG

For more information about how the Hairy Tarantula MtG Player’s Series, click on the image below. Additional questions may be directed to

HT Players Series Click Here Info Bar JPG1

– Team Tarantula, Taking the Grind out of MtG: One Season at a Time.

HT Magic Players Series PNG1

New Gaming This Week at both Hairy Tarantula Locations!

New Games MunchkinJoker Header JPG1New This Week Gayatri Medium Blue PNG1Savage Worlds Button JPG1Pathfinder: Psionics Embodied   $26.77
Savage Worlds: Gladiators o/t Dominions   $25.77
End of the World RPG: Wrath o/t Gods   $38.77
Talisman: Harbinger   $23.88
Princess Bride: As You Wish   $18.88
Princess Bride: Battle of Wits   $18.88
Strange Worlds: Numberless & Strange   $44.88
No Quarter Magazine Vol 61   $xx.xx
Star Munchkin 3: Diplomatic Impunity   $17.88
L5R Thunderous Acclaim   $3.54 booster/$ 9.73 3 pack
7pc Metal Dwarven Dice Set   $44.25Snake Oil Elixir Button JPG1
7pc Metal Steampunk Dice Set   $44.25
Snake Oil: Elixir   $21.88
Chessex D10 Sets (10 dice, various colors)   $15.93
Chessex Polyhedral Sets (7 dice, various colors)   $11.50
Chessex D6 Sets (12 dice, various colors)   $11.50
Chessex Mini-D6 Cubes (36 dice, various colors)   $15.93

Back In Stock Gyatri Medium Blue PNG1Personally Incorrect Button JPG1Zombicide: Prison Outbreak   $93.88
DC Deckbuilding Game: Teen Titans   $32.88
Personally Incorrect   $19.88
A Game of Thrones BG: 2nd Edition   $55.88
Bang!: The Bullet   $41.88
D&D Monster Manuel   $49.77
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide   $49.77
DC Dicemasters: Justice League Starter   $14.88
Bohnanza   $16.88
Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind   $8.88

We’ve also got various Ultimate Guard CCG Protection Products back in stock!

– Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

HT Gaming Gyatri Medium Blue PNG1