New (Short) Weekly Special at both Hairy Tarantula Locations!

August 31 Short Week Runback JPG1

We’ve got a short week this time Hairy T fans because of our upcoming Big Con Sale at the Downtown Hairy Tarantula.  Watch our website this Thursday, September 3rd for a special Hairy T North only bonus Weekly Special to coincide with our sale!

– Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

August 24 2015

New Games & Gaming Supplies This Week at both Hairy T Locations!

New Games X Wing Week Top Header JPG1New This Week Gayatri Blues PNG1FengShui2 Button JPG1B SmallerValley of the Kings: Afterlife   $19.88
Feng Shui Second Edition   $59.77
Feng Shui 2nd Ed GM Screen   $29.77
Battletech: Technical Readout 3150   $43.77
Encounters: Bravest Warriors Red Deck   $11.88
Encounters: Bravest Warriors Blue Deck   $11.88
Yu-Gi-Oh Synchron Extreme Structure Deck  $9.95
Vanguard: Academy of Divas Boosters $3.98 pack/$43.95 box
Bang!: Valley of Shadows   $9.88
Firefly Dice Game   $28.88
X-Wing Hound’s Tooth   $41.88
TIEPunisherComponents PNG1X-Wing Kihraxz Fighter   $15.88
X-Wing Tie Punisher   $20.88
X-Wing K Wing   $20.88
King’s Armory   $70.88
Triumph & Tragedy   $94.88
Churchill   $99.88
Genesis   $73.88
Gathering Storm $111.88
MachiKoroMRow Button JPG1B SmallerWing Leader: Victories 1940-42   $73.88
Machi Koro Millionaire’s Row Exp   $16.88
Open Sesame   $18.88
Fluxx Version 5.0   $15.88
Star Wars Gambit Set   $9.88
Star Trek: Five Year Mission   $29.88
FR: Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf PB   $9.77
Isle of Sky: From Chieftain to King   $30.88

HT Gaming Gyatri Blues PNG1New Magic Eld Vs Zen Header JPg1New This Week Gayatri Blues PNG1Zendikar vs Eldrazi PNG1

The struggle for the survival of Zendikar begins now – are you ready? Two 60-card pre-constructed decks help you capture the Magic of the upcoming Battle for Zendikar MtG expansion. Includes an alternate art version of fan favorite Avenger of Zendikar!

– Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

HT Magic Neuva Blues and White PNG1

New Graphic Novels, Manga & Toys at both Hairy T Locations – Every Wednesday!

Walking Dead Week 2 Top Header JPG1New This Week Sakkal Majalla Dusty Gold PNG1Angry Birds Vol 3 Button JPG1Amazing Spider-Man TPB Vol 4: Graveyard Shift
Angry Birds Comics HC Vol 3: Sky High
Ben 10 Classics TPB Vol 5: Powerless
Blood & Honor Foreworld Saga GN Vol 1
Capcom Fighting Tribute HC
Cowl TPB Vol 2: The Greater Good
Crimson HC Vol 1
Do-Gooders HC
Effigy TPB Vol 1: Idle Worship
Five Ghosts TPB Vol 3: Monsters & Men
GI Zombie A Star Spangled War Story TPB
Hero Cats TPB Vol 2
Inhumans By Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee TPB
Invisible Republic TPB Vol 1
Iron Fist Living Weapon TPB Vol 2: Redemption
Ixth Generation TPB Vol 1MLP PandP Button JPG1
Jennifer Blood Born Again TPB
Joe Frankenstein HC
Justice League Dark TPB Vol 6
KODT Bundle Of Trouble TPB Vol 50
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Digest
My Little Pony Pageants & Ponies TPB
Nextwave Agents Of Hate Complete Collection
Priest & Brights Quantum & Woody TPB Vol 1
Q2 Return Of Quantum & Woody Dlx HC
Return Of Living Deadpool TPB
Runlovekill TPB Vol 1
Scalped HC Book 2 Deluxe Edition
Sherlock Holmes Vs Harry Houdini TPB
Sunston OGN 3 Button JPG1Snowden GN
Star Wars Legends Epic Col: Rise of the Sith Vol 1
Sundowners TPB Vol 2
Sunstone OGN Vol 3
Tithe TPB Vol 1
Turok Dinosaur Hunter TPB Vol 3: Raptor Fores
Uncanny Avengers TPB Vol 1: Counter Evolution
Usagi Jane And The Skullbunnies GN Vol 1
Walking Dead TPB Vol 24: Life And Death
Wayward TPB Vol 2
Wolverines TPB Vol 4: Destiny
X-O Manowar TPB Vol 9: Dead Hand

Walking Dead Week 2 Manga Header JPG1New This Week Sakkal Majalla Dusty Gold PNG1Ajin GN Vol 6: Demi Human
Ancient Magus Bride GN Vol 2
Attack On Titan Before The Fall GN Vol 5 Say I Love You 9 Button JPG1
Attack On Titan GN Vol 16
Attack On Titan GN Vol 16 Playing Card Deck
Attack On Titan Harsh Mistress Of City Part 1
Dance In Vampire Bund Omnibus Vol 6
Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral GN Vol 1
Inuyashiki GN Vol 1
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Omnibus Vol 1
Lets Dance A Waltz GN Vol 3
Maria The Virgin Witch Exhibition TPB
Rising Of The Shield Hero Light Novel Vol 1
Say I Love You GN Vol 9
Spice And Wolf Novel Vol 15
Usagi Yojimbo Saga TPB Vol 4
Your Lie In April GN Vol 3

Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Dusty Gold PNG1JJBA Phantom Blood HC Button JPG1Cage Of Eden GN Vol 18
Complete Chi Sweet Home TPB Vol 1
Demon Prince Of Momochi House GN Vol 1
Devil Is Part Timer: High School GN Vol 1
Jojos Bizarre Adv: Phantom Blood HC Vol 3
Love Stage GN Vol 2
Puella Magi Homura Tamura GN Vol 1
Sword Art Online Novel Vol 5
Tokyo Ghoul GN Vol 2
What Did You Eat Yesterday GN Vol 9

Walking Dead Week 2 Toys Header JPg1New This Week Sakkal Majalla Dusty Gold PNG1POP Alex OitNB PNG1Doctor Who Titans Mini Figs
Ghostbusters Titans Mini Figs
POP! 21 Jump Street Greg Jenko Vinyl Fig
POP! 21 Jump Street Morton Schmidt Vinyl Fig
POP! Orange Is The New Black Alex Vinyl Fig
POP! Orange Is The New Black Galina Vinyl Fig
POP! Orange Is The New Black Pornstache Vinyl
Sailor Moon Sailor Chibi Moon S.H.Figuarts
Sons Of Anarchy 12in Jax Teller AFig
Women Dynamite Vampirella Statue

– Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

New Comic Day Sakkal Majalla Master Dusty PNG1


The Fro Knows: How to Get the Magic Back

TFK How to Get the Magic Back Top Header JPG1

Magic can be a brutal game, as any seasoned veteran will tell you. It can be mentally and financially taxing trying to keep up with the myriad of decklists, tournament reports, streams, and even just playing the game consumes hours of our lives. As amazing and fun the game can be, every now and then you hear stories of players dropping everything and stepping down to take a break. Unfortunately, very recently I experienced such a burnout when it came to Modern and Standard. It got to the point where I simply didn’t care about playing the formats. I didn’t care about watching Grand Prixs or SCG Opens. Even the last Pro Tour in which several of my friends were playing couldn’t get my attention in the slightest. I would get frustrated with my losses, especially with mana screw and excessive mulligans, and even when I was winning I wasn’t enjoying myself.

I had made Top 4 at a Modern PPTQ near the middle of July, and although I was undefeated against a variety of decks, at no point did I really feel all that enamored with the concept of competitive Magic. After some soul searching, I stepped away from competitive Standard and Modern, and really only participated in weekly Legacy events. However, Magic has been such a big part of my life that I wanted to figure out how to rekindle that spark that made me enjoy the game for the past 17 years, so over the past few weeks I have formed a five step program to help others who were in my situation. These steps are set up so that you can steadily ease back into Magic, as diving back in headfirst almost never works in the long run. If you’ve ever felt the need to take a step back from the tournament scene, or if you are currently on hiatus, I hope that these steps will help.


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