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Joker Top Header Bat2 Week JPG1New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Blue2 PNG1Arrow Season TwoFive Button JPG1Adventures Of Aero Girl TPB
Arrow Season 2.5 TPB
Batman TPB Vol 6: Graveyard Shift
Bridgmans: Drawing From Life SC
Clive Barkers Next Testament TPB Vol 3
DC Comics Gt Digitally Drawing Comics SC
DC Comics Guide To Coloring & Lettering Comics
DC Comics Guide To Inking Comics TPB
Doctor Who 11Th Archives Omnibus TPB Vol 1
Elephantmen 2260 TPB Book 3
Empty Man TPB
Guardians Of Galaxy Prem HC Vol 5
Harbinger Dlx HC Vol 2
Herald Lovecraft And Tesla Fingers To The BoneLovecraftTesla2Button JPG1
Hogarth Drawing Dynamic Hands New Ptg
Hogarth Dynamic Anatomy Revised & Expanded S
Kane Chronicles GN Book 1: Red Pyramid
Kane Chronicles GN Book 2: Throne Of Fire
KoDT Bundle Of Trouble TPB Vol 51
Life After TPB Vol 2
Lumberjanes TPB Vol 1
Mads Original Idiots Complete Collection
Mads Original Idiots Jack Davis TPB
Mads Original Idiots Wally Wood TPB
Mads Original Idiots Will Elder TPB
Moon Knight TPB Vol 3: In Night
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game HC
Quantum and Woody 2 Button JPG1Mutafukaz GN
Priest & Brights Quantum & Woody TPB Vol 2
Rachel Rising TPB Vol 6: Secrets Kept
Robocop Dead Or Alive TPB Vol 1
Shield By Lee And Kirby Complete Collection
Southern Bastards HC Vol 1
Strange Girl Omnibus TPB
Understanding Comics SC New Ptg
Universal War One GN
Walking Dead HC Vol 12
Walt Disney Donald Duck HC Vol 7
Witchblade Redemption TPB Vol 1-4 Set
X-Files Season 10 HC Vol 5

Bat 2 Week Manga Header JPG1New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Blue2 PNG1Attack on Titan Button 2 JPG1Adventures In Cartooning Characters In Action
Attack On Titan Harsh Mistress Of City Part 2
Case Closed GN Vol 56
Empty TPB Vol 1
Friends With Boys TPB
Hanzai Japan SC Novel
Knights Of Sidonia GN Vol 14
Kokoro Connect GN Vol 5
Material TPB Vol 1
My Little Monster GN Vol 10
Ninjak TPB Vol 1 Weaponeer
Self-Obsessed TPB
Seven Deadly Sins GN Vol 10
So Cute It Hurts 3 Button JPG1Showa History Of Japan TPB Vol 4 1953-1989
Silent Voice GN Vol 3
So Cute It Hurts GN Vol 3
Toriko GN Vol 30
Vinland Saga GN Vol 6
World Trigger GN Vol 7
Blue Exorcist GN Vol 2
Blue Exorcist GN Vol 4
Blue Exorcist GN Vol 13
Love Stage GN Vol 1
Seraph Of End Vampire Reign GN Vol 1

Bat 2 Toys Header JPG1New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Blue2 PNG1AAoU Hulkbuster AF Button JPG1Avengers AoU Hulkbuster Iron Man AF
Batman Black & White Statue Batman By Danda
Fabrikations GOTG Rocket Raccoon Soft Sculpt
Pocket POP! Adventure Time Jake Vinyl Fig Key
Pocket POP! Marvel Deadpool Vinyl Fig Keychain
Pocket POP! Marvel Spider-Man Vinyl Fig Keych
POP! Disney Princess & The Frog Louis Vin Fig
POP! Disney Sleeping Beauty Aurora Vinyl Fig
POP! Disney Tangled Maximus Vinyl Fig
POP! Family Guy Ray Gun Stewie Vinyl Fig
JLawrence 166 PNG1POP! Firefly Hoban Washburne Vinyl Fig
POP! Hanna Barbera Morocco Mole Vinyl Fig
POP! Hanna Barbera Secret Squirrel Vinyl Fig
POP! Harry Potter Snape Vinyl Fig
POP! Karate Kid Johnny Lawrence Vinyl Fig
POP! Skyrim Breton Vinyl Fig 
POP! Skyrim Dovahkiin Vinyl Fig
POP! Skyrim High Elf Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Boushh Leia Vinyl Fig
POP! Superbad Evan Vinyl Fig
POP! Ted 2 Ted W/Remote Vinyl Fig
Tim Burton Playing Cards

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New Comic Day Sakkal Majalla Blue2 PNG1

Reminder: MtG Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release: Midnight Tonight at HT North!

BFZ PR Top Header JPG1

How does one measure the value of a world? How can one fight that which cannot be defeated? What does a hero do when an alien invasion of unspeakable horror threatens the very fabric of reality? The monstrous Eldrazi are coming, and only you can save the world of Zendikar from a fate worse than death. The MtG Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release weekend is finally here! Join us on September 26th-27th, 2015 and answer the call to battle as the future of Zendikar hangs in the balance.

Are you ready for two days and one crazy night of Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release action at the Hairy T North? Good, because we’re hosting 8, count them E-I-G-H-T BFZ events spread throughout the entire weekend. Get your hands on the new cards and battle it out with other cardboard warriors for pack prizes from the new set! For a full list of events, start times and more information – scroll down.


Pre-Registration Pie Deal

Preregister for any event (except Breakfast/Brunch) by 5PM Friday, September 25th & receive 3 squares of pizza and a pop during that event – FREE!

pizzapop-smallerTo pre-register for any MtG Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release event – visit either Hairy Tarantula Location to reserve your deckbox and packs, pay for the events you want to enter and register for your free pizza & pop


Hairy Tarantula North

6979 Yonge St – Intersection of Yonge & Steeles

(647) 430 – 1263

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – North York


View Larger Map

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The Fro Knows: Following in the Footsteps


TFK FitF Top Header JPG1 

As the spoiler season winds down and the brewing season begins, we find ourselves at the crossroads of a new Modern format. A format open to several possibilities thanks to the heaviest hitting Battle for Zendikar cards. While some cards have obvious homes, like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger in Tron or Brutal Expulsion in UWR, there are some cards that require more outside the box thinking. In my opinion, one of the more interesting cards in the set is Endless One. It’s a design so simplistic that it borders on boring, this card is the epitome of “fits anywhere on the curve”. This means that no matter what turn it is, you can pump all your mana into Endless One and still be on your mana curve. However, that’s really all the card has going for it. There’s no evasion or extra abilities, just “Pay X: get an X/X”. But what happens when we pay nothing into it? We get a creature that hits the battlefield and immediately goes to the graveyard. This is great for triggering “when a creature dies” triggers for no mana investment, and that got me thinking. Is there a way to abuse this?



4 Footsteps of the Goryo
4 Faithless Looting
4 Izzet Charm
4 Endless One
4 Hangarback Walker
4 Blood Artist
4 Ideas Unbound
4 Serum Visions
4 Thoughtseize
4 Protean Hulk

4 Bloodstained Mire
4 Polluted Delta
2 Watery GravePHullk Button JPG1
2 Blood Crypt
2 Steam Vents
2 Island
4 Darkslick Shores

4 Duress
3 Pact of Negation
3 Trickbind
2 Pyroclasm
3 Echoing Truth


HT Magic Endless Footsteps PNG1


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New Graphic Novels, Manga, Anime & Toys at both Hairy T Locations!

New Books Avatar Wk Top Header JPG1New This Week Tan PNG1Spiderman Spiral Button JPG1Adventures In Cartooning SC
Agency TPB
Amazing Spider-Man TPB Vol 5: Spiral
Amelia Cole & The Impossible Fate TPB
Arrow TPB Vol 1
Astro City Confession HC New Ed
Avatar Last Airbender TPB Vol 10
Black Market TPB
Black Widow TPB Vol 3: Last Days
BPRD Hell On Earth TPB Vol 11 Flesh & Stone
Cimarronin GN Vol 1
Comic Book Story Of Beer GN
Complete Guide To Self Publishing Comics
DC Comics Guide To Pencilling Comics
Deadpool Classic TPB Vol 13
Deathlok TPB Vol 2: Man Versus MachineFreeCountry Button JPG1
Democracy GN
Dixie Vixens GN
Doodle Jump HC
Edward Scissorhands TPB Vol 1: Parts Unknown
Fables Comics HC
Free Country A Tale Of The Children’s Crusade
Freezing Omnibus GN Vol 2
God Is Dead TPB Vol 6
Golden Compass GN HC Vol 1
Hellbound HC
Hellboy 100 Project HC
Hogarth Dynamic Figure Drawing New Ptg
Hogarth Dynamic Light & Shade New Ptg
Hogarth Dynamic Wrinkles & Drapery New Ptg
Howard The Duck TPB Vol 00: What The DuckOprhan Black 1 Button JPG1
Invisible Ink HC
Joker Endgame HC
Loki Agent Of Asgard TPB Vol 3: Last Days
New Deal HC
Orphan Black TPB Vol 1
Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare Original GN
Punisher TPB Vol 3 Last Days
Tmnt Adventures TPB Vol 10
Tmnt New Animated Adventures TPB Vol 6
Ubel Blatt GN Vol 3
Until Death Do Us Part GN Vol 10
Y The Last Man TPB Book 3

New Manga And Anime Avatar Wk Top Header JPG1New This Week Tan PNG1Deadman Wonderland 11 Manga Button JPG1Assassination Classroom GN Vol 6
Bloody Cross GN Vol 8
Chaika Coffin Princess GN Vol 2
Claymore GN Vol 27
Deadman Wonderland GN Vol 11
Death Note GN Vol 1
Demon Prince Of Momochi House GN Vol 2
Devil Survivor GN Vol 1
Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma GN Vol 8
Golden Compass GN Vol 1
Hexed Harlot & Thief TPB Vol 1
Kagerou Daze Light Novel SC Vol 2
Library Wars Love & War GN Vol 14
Mobile Suit Gundam Origin HC Vol 11
My Love Story GN Vol 6
My Neighbor Seki GN Vol 4Magi 14 Button JPG1B
Naruto 3 in 1 TPB Vol 1
Naruto GN Vol 72
Magi GN Vol 14
One Punch Man GN Vol 2
Pandora Hearts Caucus Race Novel Vol 2
Pokemon Adv Black & White GN Vol 9
Pokemon Adv Firered & Leafgreen Emerald Box
QQ Sweeper GN Vol 1
Rose Guns Days Season 1 GN Vol 1
Servamp GN Vol 3
Sword Art Online Progressive GN Vol 3
Tokyo Ghoul GN Vol 3
Triage X GN Vol 10
Twin Star Exorcists GN Vol 2
Umineko When They Cry GN Ep 5 Vol 2
Yu Gi Oh 5Ds GN Vol 8Nobunaga 2 BD Button JPG1
Gundam Turn A Coll Part 1 DVD
Gundam Turn A Coll Part 2 DVD
Nightmare Campus DVD Col
Nobunaga The Fool Season 2 Blu-ray
Nobunaga The Fool Season 2 DVD
Persona 4 The Animation Comp Col Ed BD + DvD
Please Twins DVD Col
Sabagebu Survival Game Club Col Blu-ray Comp
Sabagebu Survival Game Club Col DVD Comp

New Toys Avatar Wk Top Header JPG1New This Week Tan PNG1Adventure Time 3 in Mini Figs
Assassins Creed Beer Stein
Breaking Bad Saul Goodman PX Green ShirtHarry PNG1
Mega Man X Zero Type 2 D-Arts AF
My Neighbor Totoro Teacup
POP! Princess & The Frog Princess Tiana VFig
POP! Family Guy Ray Gun Stewie VFig
POP! Harry Potter Harry VFig
POP! Minions Bored Silly Kevin VFig
POP! Sesame Street Super Grover VFig
POP! Star Wars Bib Fortuna VFig
POP! Star Wars C3PO VFig
POP! Star Wars Nalan Cheel VFig
POP! X-Files Dana SCully VFig
POP! X-Files Fox Mulder VFig
POP! X-Files Smoking Man VFig

Restocks Avatar Wk Header JPG1Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Tan PNG1Amulet 3 Button JPg1100 Bullets TPB Book 1
100 Bullets TPB Book 3
Amazing Spider-Man TPB Vol 3: Spider-Verse
Amulet HC Vol 3: Cloud Searchers
Amulet HC Vol 4: Last Council
Amulet HC Vol 5: Prince Of The Elves
Amulet HC Vol 6: Escape From Lucien
Ani Imo GN Vol 1
Autumnlands TPB Vol 1: Tooth & Claw
Avengers Vs X-Men TPB AvX
Batgirl TPB Vol 1: The Darkest Reflection
Blue Exorcist GN Vol 3
Blue Exorcist GN Vol 9
Blue Exorcist GN Vol 12 Fables 7 Button JPG1
Btooom GN Vol 9
D Gray Man 3 in 1 TPB Vol 7
Empowered TPB Vol 9
Fables TPB Vol 7: Arabian Nights And Days
Flowers Of Evil GN Vol 1
Flowers Of Evil GN Vol 5
Guerillas TPB Vol 1
Guerillas TPB Vol 2
Hawkeye TPB Vol 1: My Life As Weapon Now
Hawkeye TPB Vol 4: Rio Bravo
I Vampire TPB Vol 3: Wave Of Mutilation
Injustice Gods Among Us TPB Vol 1
IXth Generation TPB Vol 1
Judge Dread America TPBSaga 4 Button JPG1
Loaded Bible TPB Vol 1
Noragami Stray God GN Vol 3
Noragami Stray God GN Vol 5
Omamori Himari GN Vol 10
Saga TPB Vol 1
Saga TPB Vol 4
Seraph Of End Vampire Reign GN Vol 2
Suicide Risk TPB Vol 5
Sunny HC Vol 1
Tezuka Message To Adolf GN Vol 2
Tokyo Ghoul GN Vol 1
Yamada Kun & Seven Witches GN Vol 3

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New Comic Day Sakkal MajallaTan PNG1