2K Standard PPTQ & Modern SCG IQ: June 18th 2016

Hairy Tarantula is proud to present our next Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier!


This event is presented by our Downtown Store.

Where: Hairy Tarantula North, 6979 Yonge Street (at Steeles), Toronto, ON.

Start Time: 10am sharp, On-site Registration from 9am-9:50am (If applicable).

Entry Fee: $30

Format: Standard Competitive REL, 4x PWP Multiplier

Decklists will be required

Duration: Swiss Rounds based on attendance, cut to Top 8.

Prizes: 1st: Invite to an RPTQ for PT Honolulu, $500 Store Credit

2nd: $300 Store Credit

3rd/4th: $200 Store Credit

5th-8th: $100 Store Credit

9th-16th: $50 Store Credit

This event will be hard capped at 90 players.

DOOR PRIZES: One lucky player will receive an Ugin’s Fate booster!



Untitled-1Modern StarCityGames.com Invitational Qualifier

Start Time: 2pm, or after Round 3 of the PPTQ (whichever is later)

Entry Fee: $25

Prizes: 1st: $250, Invitation to any one of the next three StarCityGames.com Invitationals

2nd: 24 Boosters of SOI (or $120 Store Credit)

3rd-4th: 12 Boosters of SOI (or $60 Store Credit)

5th-8th: 6 Boosters of SOI (or $30 Store Credit)

Top 8 competitors each receive exclusive Playmat and Top 8 Pin *Additional Prizes with more than 24 players*

FREE Invitational Winner token for the first 50 players

Door Prizes: Retired Open Series Playmat (Given out after Round 3) SCG Premium Vouchers to random players

Preregistration will be available, starting May 2, at either store


A Hairy Tarantula North: Special Announcement

Greetings Everyone!

As you may have noticed over the last couple of weeks our Weekly Magic Events schedule has changed. We now do Drafts 3 nights a week, have Modern on Tuesdays, and added an afternoon schedule to our Thursdays – However, this isn’t the only change.

A couple months ago we sent out a questionnaire to our customers regarding what they wanted to see for future weekly events. After pouring over the information we came up what we felt was a viable solution for weekly events and of course FNM. Because FNM is scheduled differently and is schedule in advance we had to wait for the next available window to make those changes, and now we can finally reveal our new FNM schedule.

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Come Spend Your Holidays With Us! Draft Till You Drop – Today!

One-of-the-Pack-Shadows-over-Innistrad-Art copy

Every holiday Monday we run Draft till you Drop! Come spend your holidays with us!

Registration: Noon-9pm
Start Time: On-Demand, whenever we get 8 players (No Draft begins after 9pm).
Entry Fee: $15
Format: Booster Draft, 3x SOI
Duration: Single Elimination
Prizes: 1st gets free entry into next draft or $15 Store Credit