Final Fantasy TCG Players League

Tonight, we introduce the Final Fantasy League at Hairy Tarantula.

What is FF League?

Players who register for league must play a minimum of 3 games per week, and record those games on their league card.
While there is no maximum to the number of games you play on league night, the first 3 games are the ones that are recorded.

Each week players who attended league will be eligible for door prizes and promos.

At the end of the league, we tally up your wins/losses and through the power of magic and math we will award prizing in the following categories:

Most Wins
Most Improved Player

Each league player who completes the 6 weeks with the recorded 18 matches will also receive 2 packs of the latest set.

Introducing: Wednes-J League – Season 1 – July 5th to August 9th

Hairy Tarantula presents a new way to have fun with your favourite TCG and OCG: introducing Wednes-J League Season 1, happening every Wednesday from 4pm to closing July 5 through August 9!

Sign up is $15 and for 6 weeks of unlimited play with other players in Pokemon, Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Final Fantasy Opus, and many more J-Card games.

In the final week we will reward players for: “Most Wins”, “Best Win Percentage”, “Most Improved”, and many more awards.
Come on down and sign up!