Introducing: Wednes-J League – Season 1 – July 5th to August 9th

Hairy Tarantula presents a new way to have fun with your favourite TCG and OCG: introducing Wednes-J League Season 1, happening every Wednesday from 4pm to closing July 5 through August 9!

Sign up is $15 and for 6 weeks of unlimited play with other players in Pokemon, Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Final Fantasy Opus, and many more J-Card games.

In the final week we will reward players for: “Most Wins”, “Best Win Percentage”, “Most Improved”, and many more awards.
Come on down and sign up!

Hairy Tarantula Presents: Frontier Challenge – May 13 2017

Frontier copy

Each Quarter, the Hairy Tarantula is proud to present a format that may not get as much attention as usual. This Spring, we present Frontier, a format first invented in Japan, that features cards from the 2015 Core Set and forwards.

Registration: 12pm – 12:55pm

Start Time: 1pm

Entry Fee: $20

Format: Frontier

Decklists Required

Duration: Swiss Rounds, followed by cut to appropriate playoff (as found in MTR Appendix E)

$20/player added to prize pool, given as store credit, distributed as follows.
If 9-16 players:
1st: 40% (96 with 12 players)
2nd: 30% (72 with 12 players)
3rd/4th: 15% each (48 with 12 players)
If 17+ players:
1st: 40% (200 with 24 players)
2nd: 20% (100 with 24 players)
3rd-4th: 10% (50 with 24 players)
5th-8th: 5% (25 with 24 players)
If 33+ players (in addition to above):
9th-12th: $20 store credit