Monday Magic Update – January 27th, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to your regularly scheduled Monday Magic Update. With the Hairy T Winter Standard Invitational Season in full swing and our Born of the Gods Pre-release events less than a week away – we’ve got a huge pile of exciting MtG updates for you this week.

First up, we have updated Standings for our Winter Standard Invitational Season – with no automatic invitations available this week, the WSIS turned into a battle for the trenches as dozens of players ground multiple events to put themselves in a better position for the final half of the season. Click the button below to check out updated WSIS Standings:

WSIT Standings Week 4 Update Final


Next up, we have a couple of exciting announcements about the Hairy Tarantula and A&C Games Epic Pre-Release Party at the Best Western Primrose Hotel in downtown Toronto. By now, it’s becoming a tradition for the Hairy Tarantula to commission limited-edition, custom Tokens for our big Magic events and the Epic Pre-Release Party is no different:

HairyTBotGPreRelease Custom Token Spread2

How can you get your hands on these awesome tokens? It’s simple – Participate in a BotG Pre-Release Flight or take part in our Gunslinger Challenge to earn custom limited edition Hairy T tokens by amazing local artists Clockwork Cadaver and Derfington!
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Reminder: Hairy T and Hairy T North Born of the Gods Pre-Release is next weekend!

As we draw closer to the MtG Born of the Gods Pre-Release Weekend, we’re putting all the finishing touches on not one, but two spectacular Pre-Release events sponsored by the Hairy Tarantula. Whether you prefer the grand spectacle of an old regional style pre-release party or the intimate, casual feel of out famous Hairy T North store pre-release events – the Hairy Tarantula has an event that’s just right for you next weekend:

BornOfTheGods PreRelease Top Header Finished Ad Version2

Looking for something a little more epic than your normal, store based pre-release weekend? How about a huge regional party running 32 man events all day long?

  • $30 per flight, 32 player flights from 8 AM and concluding at 9 PM
  • Excellent prize support and additional door prizes throughout the day
  • Guests and Gunslingers including MtG Pro Rich Hoaen, Artists Derftington & Clockwork Cadaver and including newly-announced, Podcasting sensation Matty “Studios” Beverly of Heavy Meta fame.
  • Sealed Deck workshop with Rich Hoaen and a chance to enter our Two-Headed Giant tournament with Rich as your partner
  • Four different Vendors, including sponsors A&C Games and Hairy Tarantula – plus returning visiting vendors Bulldog Games and Cardboard Classics!

Saturday, February 1st, 2014 – 8 AM until 9 PM: $30 per flight.

Of course, our Pre-Release party isn’t the only way to get exciting Born of the Gods pre-release action from the Hairy T this weekend:

HTNBotGPR Top Header Final Ad Version

Looking for a more relaxed, casual feel to your pre-release weekend? Or maybe you just can’t get free on Saturday afternoon and want to play with Born of the Gods cards at midnight or on Sunday? No problem the Hairy T North has got you covered:

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The Fro Knows: Making Lemonade – Tyler Priemer in the Creator’s Corner.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Creator’s Corner. Last week, we brought you a series of tips on how to navigate and survive your first Pro Tour Qualifier from veteran writer, brewer and PTQ grinder Tyler “the ‘Fro” Priemer. This time the ‘Fro is back to talk about his most recent PTQ experience, the real value of attending large Magic tournaments and how you can find a way to “win” these events – even when you lose every round! Readers interested in checking our more of Tyler’s work are encouraged to hop on over to Legit MTG and check out Priemer’s Primers – Tyler’s excellent series of MtG Legacy articles.


Variance is the great equalizer in Magic. Every player can be affected by it, be they long time Hall of Famers or kitchen table casuals. You can have an amazing run one day, then draw garbage cards the next. Over the weekend I was subject to the latter, and I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad you do, it’s not the end of the world.

In the weeks leading up to the Hairy Tarantula PTQ on January 18th, I had been testing a variety of powerful rogue brews. I jumped around between Red/Blue/Green Flash, Black/Blue/Green Control, and even Blue/Red Control, but after much deliberation I settled on Jund (Black/Green/Red) Midrange. It was a build centred on accelerating into undercosted fatties to beat down the opponent before they’re adequately prepared to fight them, but most importantly, I wanted to abuse two of my favourite cards in the format: Underworld Cerberus and Flesh / Blood. After much tuning, I settled on the following list:

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The Hairy T Presents: The Day Late Magic Update

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly Magic Update. As you can imagine we’ve been pretty busy after our epic PTQ weekend the past few days and today’s Magic update is coming to you on Tuesday afternoon as a result. We should be back to a normal Monday Magic Update next week.

First up, we have updated Prizes & Standings for our Winter Standard Invitational Season – the action was fast and furious this week as TWELVE players qualified themselves for our Invitational and there were significant changes in the top 40 of our Standings. We also have a new prize update – FULL playsets of the new BotG God cards! Click the button below to check out all the updates:

Hairy T North WSIS Prizes and Standings Final
Next, we’d like to announce the Hairy Tarantula North edition of our Born of the Gods Pre-Release weekend! Too busy to get downtown for our Born of the Gods Epic Pre-Release Party? Want to play Magic all weekend instead of just Saturday? The Hairy T North has you covered with our usual great lineup of Pre-release events scheduled ALL WEEKEND! Click on the button below for more details:

HTNBotGPR Top Header Final

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