Magical Reminder – The Hairy T North is Hosting a GPT for Montreal on Saturday!


Looking to earn two byes to a Grand Prix you can actually attend? This Saturday, the Hairy T North is hosting a Sealed Deck Grand Prix Trial for GP Montreal where you can do just that by crushing a Magic event! With exceptional prizes, our dedicated tournament staff and our clean, spacious play area; this event promises to be your best option for MtG fun this weekend. At only $30 for a full sealed tournament, the price is right too. You could play someplace else this Saturday, by why would you want to?

– Team Tarantula


The ‘Fro Knows – What He’s Talking About


I hope someone picks up that phone, because I f—ing called it. I might have even up and broke the format. In case you haven’t been paying attention over the past week, Hairy T North held a GPT for GP Richmond on February 16th and yours truly had the pleasure of playing in it. This is the story about how I think I cracked the Modern format wide open.

Last week I broke tradition and told the world the deck I was playing. I usually keep my brews under wraps until the main event, but at the request of my editors I opted to reveal my decklist to all my loyal readers in the hopes that everyone knowing my tech wouldn’t come back to bite me. Fortunately for me, while I had the opportunity to meet many of my readers, I didn’t have to face anyone that knew my list.

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Breaking News: The Hairy Tarantula is running another MtG PTQ!

 This spring the Hairy Tarantula once more leaps on the shoulders of giants to bring you another amazing Hairy T MtG Pro Tour Qualifier. Although this event is still in the early, planning stages what we do know is that it will be on May 10th, 2014 and that there will be over 6K in guaranteed prizes. We’re bringing back the same great event staff that made the past 3 Hairy T PTQs such a smashing success and the event is booked for the now familiar Kerr Hall gymnasium at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. For more details click on the link above and don’t forget – Hairy’s back, tell a friend.

– Team Tarantula


Tuesday Reminders from the Hairy T

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words – if that’s the case, we sure do talk a lot around here” – Unknown Hairy T web monkey

Something to acquire:


Something to experience:


Something to discover:

MtGPauperLeague Advertisement

Come join us for Pre-season Pauper play up North tonight. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover the Pauper format before the 2014 League Season starts February 25!

And finally – somebody to love:

Lets Get Squishable Ad Final Version 2

– Team Tarantula

Hairy T Spider Clan Plate

Monday Magic Update – February 17th, 2014

Good morning spellcasters and welcome back to your Hairy T: Monday Magic Update. Today we have another exciting week’s worth of MtG updates on tap – including updated Winter Standard Invitational Season standings and multiple Hairy T event announcements for this upcoming week.

Got the day off because of a Federal holiday nobody understands? Wanna play some cards? Check out the Hairy T North today for our Family Day Edition of “Draft Until You Drop”:


Sticking with the theme of great events being held at the Hairy T North this week; don’t forget that our Sealed Grand Prix Trial for GP Montreal is coming up on February 22nd! Whether you’re looking to improve your competitive game, earn two byes at a Grand Prix you can reach or snag one of the four remaining automatic berths in the Winter Standard Invitational Series – the Hairy T North is where you want to be this Saturday:


As mentioned in our lead off – Week 7 of the Hairy T North Winter Standard Invitational Season is now consigned to history and it was yet another exciting week of action. Of particular interest these past two weeks has been the meteoric rise of veteran player but WSIS late-comer Don Fong. Fong currently sits in 3rd place at 99 points – after missing the first several weeks of the series. Can he catch overall points leader Josh Santangelo at 129 points and rising? Tune in over the next two weeks to find out:

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