Tuesday Reminders from the Hairy T


You don’t need to be an evil genius mouse trying to take over the world to realize that the Hairy T has amazing deals on board games – every Tuesday!


Looking for Magic with a more, casual appeal? Then Tuesday night is just what the doctor ordered for you as the Hairy T sponsors not one, but two different MtG League Nights on Tuesdays. Whether it’s classic Pauper, or casual Block Constructed with a twist – the Hairy T is here to help you find great new ways to enjoy Magic the Gathering.

– Team Tarantula

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Hairy T Monday Magic Update – March 17th, 2014


Good morning spiderlings and welcome back to another edition of the Hairy T: Monday Magic Update. March is in full swing as we leave winter behind us here in Toronto and that means things are really heating up in the Hairy T Magic department. Check out our upcoming tournament news and some of the finest MtG creative work on the internet in our March 17th Monday Magic Update:



Don’t forget, this weekend we’re hosting not one, but two epic MtG Grand Prix Trial events at the Hairy T North – Looking to earn 2 byes to GP Philadelphia, win store credit or simply master the complicated Theros Sealed Deck format? Then the Hairy T North is the place to be this Saturday as we host a GP Trial for Grand Prix Philadelphia.



Or perhaps, MtG Standard is your favorite jam? On Sunday afternoon the Hairy T North switches to the world of 60 cards as we host a GP Trial for Grand Prix Phoenix. Come battle other spellcasters with all of your favorite current cards for sweet prizes and two byes at Grand Prix Phoenix.

Whether you’re interested in constructed Magic, limited formats or both the Hairy T North has an event for you during our Grand Prix Trial weekend this March 23rd and 24th.


HTM15PTQEarlyBirdAdForSundayandMMUAre you going to the Hairy T M15 PTQ this May 10th? Then why not Pre-Register for the event now and give yourself a chance to win one of 3 amazing Early-Bird draws? We’ve got a couple of From the Vaults Twenty, Door Prizes and multiple sealed Duel Decks to give away but only for those spellcasters wise enough to pre-register for the PTQ before our contests close.


TheFroKnowsDirtCheapTopBannerLooking for a budget Modern brew that let’s you work with “more powar?” Then check out the latest edition of The ‘Fro Knows where Tyler Priemer brings you a Modern Brew that literally “goes Infinite!”

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Return Engagement: More MtG Themed Artwork by Clockwork Cadaver in the Creator’s Corner

Hello and welcome back everyone. After a long Winter MtG tournament season, the Creator’s Corner is finally back and we’re chomping at the bit to share more amazing art from the Hairy T community. Today the Hairy Tarantula and the Corner are proud to present our first returning Artist and to share with you some of the Magic themed work created by Clockwork Cadaver. These creations were originally used as part of the Hairy T’s ongoing Magic promotional work but owing to the artist’s incredible popularity in our MtG community, we couldn’t resist featuring them in the Creator’s Corner. Unfortunately, these specific works are not for sale, but interested parties can contact the artist directly at the Clockwork Cadaver account on Tumblr.


First up we have CC’s epic mural of an evil spider-queen – not unlike shop-favorite MtG villain Sheoldred, Whispering One. This stunning piece was originally featured on our limited-edition, Winter season promotional playmat and was a hugely popular part of the VIP rewards package for our Journey Into Nyx Pro Tour Qualifier. Note the artist’s bold use of perspective and spacing to give the image a sense of vastness or depth. When combined with Clockwork’s amazing line art and inking it’s hard not to feel as if you’re actually in the picture – flying towards certain doom against an enemy as vast as the mountains themselves.

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Off the Matt – A Journey Into Nyx PTQ Report


Well, would you look at that – I just came in third at a PTQ! For me that’s kind of a big deal; I don’t get to play magic very much anymore as I work at my local gamestore and have to run most of the weekly tournaments. I guess some introductions are in order before we get much further however:

Hi, my name is Matt Chow – you may know me as the tournament organizer and general Magic staffer at the Hairy T North! Competitive magic is where I feel that I thrive and it’s easily one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, playing mirror matches doesn’t appeal to me – which by extension means that playing the best deck in any given format doesn’t appeal to me. I feel as though attacking the meta is the best position to be in. For example, many players chose Living End at Pro Tour Born of the Gods to attack the room full of Zoo decks. I like to play decks that my opponents won’t be prepared to deal with in terms of lines of play, actual sideboard cards and maindeck setup.

At this PTQ, I ended up playing PyroBlack – although I seriously thought about playing Black-White Midrange and even went as far as building the whole deck. I eventually lent that deck to my friend who finished the day at 6-2 in prizes. My weapon of choice, PyroBlack, is sort of a mish mash of different archetypes. It generally plays an aggressive strategy in game one and then switches to a more effective strategy in post board games – either tempo or control. It’s based off of a mono red deck and later iterations which became a Red/White Pyromancer deck built at the beginning of Theros Standard. The deck was developed by some users at an MTG webforum called Dies to Removal, notably the user Zemanjaski. They laid a lot of the groundwork that allowed me to build this deck.
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