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Some of you have no doubt noticed by now that Hairy Tarantula does not appear on the Vicinity Rewards locator any longer. Fear not – you still have all of your points and can still collect them as per usual. Our transition to a mobile platform has not been as seamless as planned.

Regardless, our new system is now active and you can download our free app for your phone in a few seconds – just search the app store for “Hairy Tarantula” . With the Hairy Tarantula app installed you’ll be able to “Transfer Loyalty” to move your points over to the new system. Now instead of tapping your card you’ll display a QR code on your phone to spend and collect points, basically almost exactly as before.

The new mobile platform will allow us to expand the nature of HairyT Rewards in new and exciting ways – stay tuned to the “News” section in the app for more details – or check the HairyT Rewards section of the HairyT website.


Chief Tarantula
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Ontario Provincial Championship April 23rd & 24th 2016

2016-state-provincial-championships-facebookCoverImageStandardHairy Tarantula is proud to present the return of the Ontario Provincial Championship in conjunction with Star City Games.  This multi day event is right in the heart of the city at the Ramada Plaza Toronto Hotel. 

Saturday April 23rd 2016: Main Event

Time: 11:00am, registration opens at 10:00am

April 23rd: Format: Standard

Event Fee: $40



Sunday April 24th 2016: Main Event

Time: 11:00am, registration opens at 10:00am

April 24th: Format: Modern

Event Fee: $40


Registration Reward & Door Prizes:

Free 8.5×11 print of the playmat art while supplies last.
Chance to win an oversized token customized for your state or province!

Exclusive Prizes:
1st – Qualification for a Invitational, Champion Medallion & Champion Playmat
2nd – 8th State Championships Playmat and Top 8 Pin

Prize structure is based on the following and paid out in store credit:


Side Events schedule can be found here:




Ramada Plaza Toronto
300 Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario M5B 2C5
 Please inquire about special room rates at

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Questions –
Phone: 647-430-1263

New GW Releases for March 12 – Preorder Now!

Games Workshop is releasing 2 brand new Start Collecting boxed sets for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar this week and a new Battletome. We are taking preorders now! Deadline for preorders is March 8th.

First lets take a look at the new Start Collecting Skaven Pestilens

Start Collecting SkavensThis new box set contains everything you need to start a brand new Skaven army or to expand upon your existing one. Each box contains: a Plague Furnace, a Plagueclaw, a horde of twenty Plague Monks and an exclusive Skaven Pestilens Warscroll Battalion rules sheet.

You can also expand on this army right away with the release of
Skaven Pestilen: The Virulent Horde.

Skaven HoardIn this box, you’ll receive a Plague Furnace, a Plagueclaw, a Plague Priest, a Verminlord Corruptor, five resin Plague Censer Bearers, twenty Plague Monks and an exclusive Warscroll Battalion rules sheet. What makes this box set truly unique is the incredible amount of value you get packed into one box.

Also available on March 12 the new Age of Sigmar: Skaven Battletome:

Skaven Pestilens (Age of Sigmar)This 88-page hardback Battletome contains:

– extensive background on the diseased children of the Horned Rat, including stories of their search for the Thirteen Great Plagues, the Churches of Contagion, and a bestiary featuring information on every monster, character unit and war machine in the army;
– two Battleplans, new rules and scenarios demonstrating the chaotic and virulent nature of the Clans Pestilens in battle;
– Warscrolls and Warscroll Battalions containing rules to help you get the most out of your miniatures;
– a massive showcase of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures.


Finally we get to our second Start Collecting! boxed set for this week: Skeleton Horde.

Start Collecting Skeletons HoardEach box will contain Arkhan the Black, a set of ten Skeleton Warriors, a set of five Black Knights and an exclusive Warscroll Battalion rules sheet

01-01Well that’s all for this week. See you at the tables!

-Team Tarantula Rolling With It Since ’94