Shadowrun Arc 6 Character Creation Night – November 9th 2016

The year is 2075.

Corporate greed has enslaved the world of man. The Awakening has sent the population into turmoil – parents lose their children, children lose their parents. The world is divided into the Haves and the have-nots and you are the last hope to bring down the power structure of the wealthy. You lurk in the shadows, you are a Shadowrunner.

On Wednesday November 9th, join in the fun of Shadowrun, as we do character creation night for the sixth exciting story arc in the on-going store campaign. Explore the worlds of Technology and Magic where Rule #1 is Don’t make deals with Dragons.

Time 6pm till 9pm November 9: Character Creation [Please allow roughly 3 hours to make your character] November 16: Arc 6 – Part 1 – The Good, The Bad, and Damn, You’s Ugly!

This is a Hairy T Store Campaign, and sessions cost $5 each, or $25 for the six-week arc. Refreshments are included in the cost.