Weekly Magic Update at the Hairy T

Unfortunately, due to a minor illness this week’s Monday Magic Update is actually coming to you on Thursday morning – my apologies folks, I caught some sort of winter head cold and found myself confined to bed for a couple of days. Here’s an abreviated Magic Update to catch us up to speed:

Looking to take your Magic game to the next level this weekend at the Hairy T North? Then look no further than our Modern Grand Prix Trial for GP Richmond this Sunday! This event not only promises great prizes and the potential to win 2 byes at Grand Prix Richmond – it also offers the perfect gateway to Competitive Rules Enforcement Level events for FNM  & Game Day players:

GPRichmondGPTBase Ad 3 BBVarient Aqua


Week 6 of the Hairy T Winter Standard Invitational Tournament is in the books and we were treated to what may have been the wildest week in the series so far. Multiple players clawed themselves back into contention for the overall title and a few late comers to the series put together impressive weeks to rocket up the standings as we close in on the cutoff date. With only 3 weeks to go it’s getting down to the nitty gritty folks, click on the link below to check out the full updated WSIS Standings:

WSIT Standings Week 6
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The Fro Knows – Buying Into Born of the Gods Part Two


The Fro Knows Bi2BotG Part 2 Top Header Blank

Welcome back to Buying into Born of the Gods pt. 2! As you’ll recall, last week I went over the Aggro and Midrange cards from Born of the Gods most likely to see Constructed play. This week I’ll be going in depth on the numerous Control and Eternal cards in the set.

Control cards are usually pretty difficult to evaluate as a lot of them tend to be answers for the threats in the format. However, we haven’t really seen what the format looks like yet, so these cards are what I believe to be the best options given what I expect the new Standard to look like.

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