Speech Bubble #48 featuring Ally Rom Colthoff


Hello Fanboys & Fangirls! NEW Speech Bubble #48 featuring Ally Rom Colthoff.

Ally comes to Speech Bubble while her Kickstarter for volume 3 of her long-running webcomic Chirault is in full swing.

Ally discusses the genesis of Chirault, her role as a member of the Spider Forest Comic Collective and her latest contribution to the Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 4.

This podcast is brought to you by Hairy Tarantula!

Amonkhet Game Day – May 20th & 21st

Amonkhet Game Day copy

Registration: 12pm-12:55pm each day
Start Time: 1pm
Format: Standard Constructed
Regular REL, 2x PWP multiplier
All participants will receive one (1) promo. Top 8 competitors will receive one (1) Top 8 promo.
Winner receives a Champion Playmat.

Entry Fee: $20
Duration: Swiss Rounds based on attendance, followed by cut to Top 8
Prizes (Store Credit):
1st: $100 + Champion Playmat
2nd: $100
3rd-4th: $50
5th-8th: $25

Entry Fee: $10
Duration: Swiss Rounds based on attendance (No Cut)
Prizes (Store Credit):
If 4 rounds
4-0 (12 points): $80
3-0-1 (10 points): $50
3-1 (9 points): $20
If 5 rounds
5-0 (15 points): $120
4-0-1 (13 points): $70
4-1 (12 points): $20
3-1-1 or 3-0-2 (10-11 points): $15
3-2 (9 points): $10

Final Fantasy Constructed – Week 2

Final Fantasy Constructed, every Saturday at 2pm!

These events will be hosted as Tier 1 as defined by Square Enix
Best of 1 games.
Rounds will be swiss based on attendance
Round time will be 30 minutes.
Entry Fee: $5

Prizing will be distributed to players with X-1 or better records for store credit:
X-0 $16
X-1 $8
Promos will be distributed as follows:
1st Place – Foil Premium Promo
2nd – 3rd Place – Non-Foil Promo