Breaking News – Journey Into Nyx with The Hairy T (Magic PTQ Announcement)

This just inThe Hairy Tarantula and Tournament Organizer extraordinaire Kelly Ackerman are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Journey Into Nyx Pro Tour Qualifier on January 18th, 2014. In the coming days we’ll be posting a special PTQ page on the website and flooding social media with a variety of updates. Until then however you can find basic details and a link to our PTQ Journey Into Nyx Facebook event page in the image below:

JourneyIntoNyx Basic Advert For News Page Final

– The Hairy Tarantula Magic department.


Ground Zero – A Mega-EDH Primer by Zero in the Creator’s Corner


As the editor of the Creator’s Corner, it is always an absolute pleasure for me to introduce a new artist or a new form of art to the Hairy Tarantula website. Today, I get to do both as we unveil an article by up and coming Magic the Gathering writer Zero with his step by step instructions for breaking into the Elder Dragon Highlander (or Commander) format. Parties interested in checking more of Zero’s writing or contacting him for freelance work are encouraged to visit his Views of a Protagonist Male account on Tumblr.

The Ground Zero Mega-EDH Primer

So, you want to get into Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH or Commander in WotC-speak) and don’t know what it is, how to play and how to build a deck for the format? No problem, this article will provide the necessary details on how to do so with little hassle – along with a brief explanation of EDH-specific rules, which are usually centered around deck building. Let’s go over these rules before we begin:


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