Tonight is Board Game Night at the Hairy T North!


They say it’s a small world and there’s no question it gets just a little smaller if you don’t have a lot of money in your pocket. What you need is a great way to meet new friends and have fun without spending any money. Relax, that’s where we come in – Board Game Night at the Hairy T North runs every Wednesday from 6PM until a little while after close. Come on down to meet people, try new games and have so much fun you won’t believe it’s free.

– Team Tarantula

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Don’t Forget – The Hairy T North is hosting a Kaijudo Master Challenge in just 10 days!


Are you ready to punch your ticket to the Kaijudo Summer Championships in Seattle, Washington cardboard warrior? Great, because the Hairy T North wants to send you there – but only if you demonstrate the focus, determination and ability of a Kaijudo champion! Join us on March 29th at the Hairy T North for our Kaijudo Master Challenge and battle for your seat at the Kaijudo Championships.

– Team Tarantula

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Hairy T Quick Shots – March 19th, 2014

Looking for an easy way to check out all the hottest new products at the Hairy T this week from your mobile phone? Then check out our Hairy T Quick Shots for March 19th – all the great new products, in a couple of browseable snap shots:



PS – yes, this copy of XXX Holic is haunted. Either that or our camerawoman isn’t very attentive. We leave the answer for you to decide.

– Team Tarantula

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Tuesday Reminders from the Hairy T


You don’t need to be an evil genius mouse trying to take over the world to realize that the Hairy T has amazing deals on board games – every Tuesday!


Looking for Magic with a more, casual appeal? Then Tuesday night is just what the doctor ordered for you as the Hairy T sponsors not one, but two different MtG League Nights on Tuesdays. Whether it’s classic Pauper, or casual Block Constructed with a twist – the Hairy T is here to help you find great new ways to enjoy Magic the Gathering.

– Team Tarantula

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