Hairy T Monday Magic Update – February 24th, 2014

Good morning spellcasters and welcome back to another Hairy T: Monday Magic Update. Today we have an absolutely HUGE week’s worth of MtG updates waiting for your enjoyment – including our BotG Game Day announcement, updated Winter Standard Invitational Season standings and, the BIG news – Hairy T is hosting another PTQ on May 10th, 2014!

Looking for an MTG event slightly more challenging than FNM but a little less formal than our Grand Prix Trials? Then you won’t want to miss Born of the Gods Game Day this weekend at the Hairy T North. We’re running standard constructed tournaments both Saturday and Sunday – come on out to wage cardboard warfare and meet new friends at the Hairy T North this weekend:


As mentioned above, Week 8 of the HTN Winter Standard Invitational Season is officially over and we’ve got updated standings for you and final Invitational prize information to pass on. The race for 1st overall looks like it might come down to three competitors at this point – Joshua Santangelo, Ryan Alaurin and Don Fong don’t look like they can be caught at this point in the race to claim the foil Thoughseize at the end of the regular season. In qualifying news, the final 4 automatic  bids were awarded this weekend and it’s starting to look like the cut off point for at large berths will be somewhere around 40 points. Are you close enough to qualify? Find out by clicking the link below to see our updated WSIS Prizes & Standings:


Of course the BIG news is that – this spring the Hairy Tarantula once more leaps on the shoulders of giants to bring you another amazing Hairy T MtG Pro Tour Qualifier! Although we’re still ironing out a few last details, our Hairy T M15 Pro Tour Qualifier Page is now up and running with all the information about our May 10th PTQ that we have at this present time. Did I mention there will be over 6K in guaranteed prizes? Check it out by clicking on the link below:


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