Ground Zero – A Mega-EDH Primer by Zero in the Creator’s Corner


As the editor of the Creator’s Corner, it is always an absolute pleasure for me to introduce a new artist or a new form of art to the Hairy Tarantula website. Today, I get to do both as we unveil an article by up and coming Magic the Gathering writer Zero with his step by step instructions for breaking into the Elder Dragon Highlander (or Commander) format. Parties interested in checking more of Zero’s writing or contacting him for freelance work are encouraged to visit his Views of a Protagonist Male account on Tumblr.

The Ground Zero Mega-EDH Primer

So, you want to get into Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH or Commander in WotC-speak) and don’t know what it is, how to play and how to build a deck for the format? No problem, this article will provide the necessary details on how to do so with little hassle – along with a brief explanation of EDH-specific rules, which are usually centered around deck building. Let’s go over these rules before we begin:


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Hairy T Reviews – Graphic Novel: Ghosted Volume 1 – Haunted Heist

“Dithering in the Dark” – A Review of Ghosted Volume 1: Haunted Heist

“You get used to it.” – Jackson T. Winters

Ghosted Main Panel

Vitals: Ghosted Volume 1 – Haunted Heist by J Williamson (W), G Suzuka (A), M Mrva (C). Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment, Softcover: 144pgs, 9.99 (US cover price).

Personally, I will always consider the first time I picked up Kurt Busiek’s wonderful trade “Astro City: Life in the Big City” one of my formative moments as an adult comic reader. Not only was it one of the first series I ever purchased exclusively in trade paperback format but it also helped me learn to love great stories regardless of genre. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I simply don’t enjoy superhero books but Busiek’s entirely human characters quickly won me over despite my admitted bias. I mention this now for only two reasons. First, I wanted to be able to say something nice in this review and that just won’t be possible discussing Ghosted by itself. More importantly however, that Astro City trade was (until this morning) the only book I’d ever read that managed to show me it’s very soul in one full  page panel and a single line of monologue. That was, until I read the first volume of Ghosted after coming into work today.

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Shutter Bug: Feline Photography by Christoph S. Ng in the Creator’s Corner


Of course, art isn’t always about drawing or cartooning: today in the Creator’s Corner, the Tarantula Clan is pleased to present two stunning pictures taken by photographer Christoph S. Ng – featuring our very own feline sidekicks Scamper and Juggernaut. Although we’re all suckers for a great photo of cats, Christoph’s camera work proves that beauty and art lie wherever you find them – even in the back of a comic shop! Many more examples of Christoph’s magnificent work can be found at Photobiophilia and interested parties are encouraged to contact him there.

CreatorsCorner Scamper Close Up

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