Draft Till You Drop: Today at Hairy T North!

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Come spend your Holiday with us!

Registration: Noon – 9pm
Start Time: On-Demand, whenever we get 8 players (No Draft begins after 9pm).
Entry Fee: $15
Format: Booster Draft, EMN EMN SOI
Duration: Single Elimination
Prizes: Top 2 get free entry into next draft or $15 Store Credit

BONUS! Labour Day Conspiracy

We’ll also be running Conspiracy Draft!

Registration: Noon – 9:30pm
Start Times: On-Demand, whenever we get 6-8 players (final pod begins at 9:30pm)
Entry Fee: $15
Format: Conspiracy Draft
Structure: Players will be grouped into draft pods based on total attendance, then grouped into multiplayer games of 3-5 players within those pods.
Prizes: To the winner of each game: $15 Store Credit or a free Draft

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