Summer of Magic Continues!

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We are extending our Summer of Magic promotion throughout August, with another month of giveaways just for playing in events at HTNorth!
Magic singles* on are on sale for 10% off, but to entice you to our newly expanded Magic section downtown we’re giving an extra 5% off for 15% off all Magic singles* there.

We are continuing $40 drafts of EMA for August, now including downtown on Saturdays at 1pm.

It all kicks off today with “Draft ‘Till You Drop” at Hairy Tarantula North: $15 per person, single elimination, with a free draft for 1st and 2nd place.

Finally, every day the boss will be digging out some of the cards he’s had for up to 20 years or longer and selling them at very special prices for the first person to get them! Don’t fall asleep during our “From theHT Vault” promotion!

*sale applies to cards priced at $1 or more