DAY 2 of #BYEBUYBYTHEPOUND SALE is on from 11am till 8pm.

DAY 2 of #BYEBUYBYTHEPOUND SALE is on from 11am till 8pm.
Don’t miss the second-last day of the Hairy Tarantula’s downtown location! Thanks everyone who came out on Friday – you all bought well over a tonne of stuff! Do not despair if you missed out – there are still literally tonnes and tonnes more games and graphic novels and manga left at insane deals! $8 per pound for books, $5 per pound for board games, and $10 per pound for manga! Buy 20 pounds and get an additional 10% off!
Yes we’re crazy, but not crazy enough to want to pack and move all this stuff. It’s going…going….going…going….but still nowhere near gone!


Feb 24 2017 Bye - Buy Sale

It’s DAY 1 of the #BYEBUYTHEPOUND Sale! February 24th to 26th

Literally TONNES are being sold by weight at the following rates:
MANGA and PULP TPBs $10 per pound
ALL OTHER BOOKS* $8 per pound
SMALL BOARD GAMES** $8 per pound
!!!+BONUS 10% DISCOUNT OVER 20lbs+!!!
* RPGs, TPBs, Art Books
** Fits in the pocket.
Note: Bestsellers and new releases still 20% off the regular price!

Rates are calculated to be cheaper than BUY 1 GET 2 FREE, but obviously there will be cases where the deal is a little better or a little worse than this. Regardless the deals are astonishing, especially with the additional volume discount.

Sample boxes weighing 1lb, 2lbs, 5lbs and so on, will be available for you to heft so as you can approximate your purchase’s scale before lining up to weigh in!

We hope you can make it for this LAST WEEKEND of the Hairy Tarantula’s downtown physical location! Take away a piece of history before it’s gone, and spare us from having to pack and move it ourselves! Everything you carve out of the place makes this epic move easier on us already-pooped retailers as we come to that exhausting final job…

Finally, thanks everyone who’s been shopping with us these last twenty-plus years. It’s been a wild and fantastic trip, and it will continue at the HairyT North for those willing to make the trek! (And we have a webstore now for those too far to come in person)


Feb 24 2017 Bye - Buy Sale