Announcing: The Hairy Tarantula Challenge Series!

We’re proud to present our first very own weekly competitive Magic tournament series; The Hairy Tarantula Challenge Series! Consisting of twenty events in 2017, covering a range of Magic formats including Modern, Legacy, Standard and Limited, this is your opportunity to compete for over $20,000 in cash and prizes, and all roads lead to our Championship event: the Final Challenge! The season starts July 1st!

The Final Challenge will be on December 9, and features $2,000 in prizes! Invitations will be given to players who:

– Win a Challenge Series event
– Have 15 Challenge Series Points

Points are given out as based on the final standings:

– 1st: 10 points
– 2nd: 8 points
– 3rd-4th: 6 points
– 5th-8th: 4 points
– 9th-12th: 2 points
– 13th-16th: 1 point

Bonus Points for top seeds after swiss

– 1st: 3 points
– 2nd: 2 points
– 3rd-4th: 1 point

Once you’re qualified, you’ll still want to keep playing! Byes will be awarded to season point leaders.

– Top 10 in points: 1 Bye
– Points Leader: 2 Byes

 Qualifier Events:

Saturday Challenge Prerelease
Saturday Game Day
Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers Invitational Qualifiers
Other Independent Programs (Eternal Weekend Trials)
Non-Program Events with “Hairy Tarantula Challenge Series” or “HTCS” in the title


In addition to any coverage required by any particular program, we will have a weekly recap, featuring Top 8 decklists, winner photos and updated Challenge Series Standings.


July 1 – Modern
July 8 – Hour of Devastation Prerelease
July 15 – Legacy
July 29 – Modern IQ

August 5 – Game Day (Standard)
August 13 – Legacy
August 19 – Modern IQ Plus
August 26 – Standard

September 2 – Legacy
September 9 – Modern (SCG IQ)
September 17 – Masters Double Draft
September 23 – Ixalan Prerelease
September 30 – Standard

October 7 – Modern PPTQ
October 21 – Modern (SCG IQ)
October 28 – Sealed PPTQ

November 5 – Legacy
November 11 – Standard
November 18 – Iconic Masters Draft
November 25 – Legacy

December 2 – TBA (non-points event)
December 9 – Final Challenge (Formats TBA)

Help Wanted For Anime North!

Are you someone who’s looking to help out your friendly neighbourhood comic and gaming store with their annual appearance at Anime North? If so, we need your skills to make it all happen again!

Whether you have helped us before or this is your first time, we are looking for drivers, set-up and tear-down crew, salespeople, and everything in between for #animenorth at the end of May.

Send us an email to, with Anime North 2017 in the subject line. Make sure to include any relevant skill or experience (like helping us out before) in the body of your email, along with your contact information and your age. While it’s great to be young, it’s the law to keep people under 18 out of dangerous areas without proper training.

Thanks and see you there!