Merry Christmas From the Hairy Tarantula

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Around here, we’ve been known to boast that the Hairy Tarantula is only closed for two days a year – Christmas and New Years Day. It is then today, on one of our few occasions to reflect, that I’d like to thank each and every one of you who’ve helped to make the Hairy Tarantula such a great place to be this past year. Although few will remember 2014 as a banner year for anything, the simple truth is that our job at the Hairy Tarantula is to sell fun and that simply wouldn’t be possible without all of our wonderful customers. So, to you, the people who are still dedicated to having fun in a world that seems to border on absurd, I raise a glass on Christmas Day. May all of your holidays be merry and I look forward to joining you for another toast on Christmas next year.

Naturally, we will be closed today but don’t forget to visit us tomorrow for the first day of our famous, epic Boxing Week Sale!

– Admin

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December 24th is Double Vicinity Points Day at the Hairy T!


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Need an excuse to get out of the house for one final Christmas shopping run? Then look no further because the Hairy Tarantula is offering a Double Points Day at both locations on December 24th. Shop for key last minute items at either Hairy T location and you’ll get two points for every one point you’d normally earn!

You can find all the information you need about the Hairy Tarantula Vicinity Rewards Program here on our website. If you don’t already have a card, we can create one for you free of charge and you can begin collecting points immediately.

Finally, if for whatever reason the idea of getting a Hairy T Vicinity Rewards Card doesn’t appeal to you, customers who make a purchase may choose a free gift from a selection of dice and buttons as a token of our appreciation. Limit one per customer.

– Team Tarantula, “You Can’t Get This Online”

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Special Announcement: Hairy T $1K Christmas Loot Contest Winners!


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On December 1st, the Hairy Tarantula was proud to announce our first ever Social Media Christmas Contest. Naturally, we were a little nervous – we’d never done anything like this before and we wanted to help people get some pretty cool Christmas Gifts courtesy of the shop. Questions swirled around the shop – would people like the idea of a contest, would they get annoyed by having to share or retweet to enter? Frankly, I asked myself more than once if anyone would even participate.

Well, today it is with great pleasure that I announce to you that the contest is not only complete but that it was a smashing success! With just under 1,000 shares across four posts, we were thrilled by the number of people who decided to enter the contest and share Christmas cheer with us. Unfortunately however, in this contest there can only be three winners and today at the Hairy T North the draw to determine who walks away with the loot was held. Without further ado then, here are you 2014 Hairy T $1K Christmas Loot Contest Winners:


Hairy T 1K Christmas Loot Contest Winners Notice JPG

1st Place

HT Christmas Contest First Place Winner JPG

Winner: Michelle Hong, Facebook Entry

Utopia Board Game
Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition Board Game
Legendary Encounders: An Alien Deckbuilding Game
Three Days In Europe TPB
Superman: Tales from the Phantom Zone TPB
Intron Depot: Battalion Artbook
Marvel Civil War Heroic Roleplaying Game
Daredevil: End of Days TPB
Shaman Warrior Volume 1 Manga
Nexus: As it Happened Volume 1 TPB
Penny Arcade: The Case of the Mummy’s Gold TPB
The Vampire’s Christmas TPB
Samurai Champloo Ronin Album Fanbook
Magic the Gathering 2014 Holiday Gift Box
The Vertigo Tarot: Tarot Card & Book Set
MtG 2015 Core Set Booster Pack
MtG Return to Ravnica Booster Pack
MtG Khan’s of Tarkir Booster Pack
Chessex “Solar w/white” Polyhedral Gaming Dice Set
Adventure Time Series 1 Playpak
Yummy Breakfast randomized Keychain
Pinkie Pie Button
Game of Thrones Button
Hairy T Limited Edition “Cthutie” Voodoo Baby String Doll


2nd Place

HT Christmas Loot Contest 2nd Place Winner JPG

Winner: Sharon Ko, Facebook Entry

Sedition Wars – Battle for Alabaster Tactical Miniatures Game
MtG Duel Decks – Jace vs Vraska
Sushi Go Card Game
Mark Millar’s Supercrooks: The Heist Hardcover Graphic Novel
The Underwater Welder TPB
The Amazing Spider Man: Firsts TPB
Voltron Volume One: The Sixth Pilot TPB
Superman Chronicles Volume Four TPB
Rooster Teeth Comics: Year One TPB
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures Hardcover Graphic Novel
Path of the Assasssin Volume One Manga
Chessex “Orange w/white” Polyhedral Gaming Dice Set
Yummy Dessert randomized Keychain
Hello Kitty Series 2 randomized Mini Figure
MtG 2015 Core Set Booster Pack
MtG Khan’s of Tarkir Booster Pack
Adventure Time Series 1 Playpak
Balloons Button
Game of Thrones Button
Hairy T Limited Edition “Cthutie” Voodoo Baby String Doll


3rd Place

Hairy T Christmas Loot Contest 3rd Place Winner JPG

Winner: @itslittlebird, Twitter Entry

Forbidden Island Card Game
Grant Morrison’s Supergods Hardcover Novel
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Ed): Limited Edition Hardcover DM’s Guide
Hanabi Card Game
Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home TPB
Five Ghosts Volume 1: The Haunting of Fabian Gray TPB
Goats: Infinite Typewriters TPB
Crossroad Manga Volume 1
Heroscape Miniatures Expansion Pack: Mallidoon’s Prophecy Snipers & Vipers
Chessex “Red w/black” Polyhedral Gaming Dice Set
MtG 2015 Core Set Booster Pack
Adventure Time Series 1 Playpak
Southpark “Kyle” Vinyl Mini Figure
Tokidoki Frienzies randomized Mini Figure
Doctor Hooves Button
Game of Thrones Button
Hairy T Limited Edition “Cthutie” Voodoo Baby String Doll


Naturally, the Hairy Tarantula would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and helped us spread Christmas cheer. While there are still a few bugs to iron out in the system, we had a great time running this event and I can safely predict there will be more contests like this one in the future. Watch our website for more details and until then, Merry Christmas everyone!

– Team Tarantula, “Rolling With It since ’94″

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The Hairy Tarantula 1K Christmas Loot Contest Rumbles Forward!


Hairy T Christmas Contest JPG Version


The countdown is on: the largest holiday prize giveaway in the history of the Hairy Tarantula is live and waiting for you to share our Christmas greetings on social media for your chance to win over 1K in prizes. For full contest rules and prize information – click here.

In order to make the contest as easy as possible for our customers to participate in, we’ve decided to post today’s contest notice here – just so you know what it looks like:


Hairy T Christmas Contest 3rd Notice Final
Of course, in order to win you need to do more than just see the picture – you have to share our original posts from the Hairy T Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this one too – click on the buttons bellow to be taken directly to the posts we want you to share to enter yourself into the contest:


Hairy T Twitter Button 1 JPG


Hairy T Facebook Button 1 JPG
Update: Due to some of the newest updates to Facebook and Twitter Privacy settings it’s a little difficult for us to track some of your entries. Frankly, in our eyes this is a good thing – we want you to be safe on social media and we respect your privacy! However, we also want to reward you for helping us spread Christmas Cheer by entering you into the contest. If you’ve shared or retweeted the notice from an account set to private *please* message us on Facebook or @ tag us in a message on Twitter to let us know! While we can’t check to see if you’ve shared the notice, we’re more than happy to take your word for it and enter you into the contest immediately. Don’t worry – if your account is set to private nobody will see your message except us. Thanks for your understanding.

Are you ready to spread some Christmas cheer this year with the Hairy Tarantula and win some prizes? Great! Then share our post on social media and get your name into the draw for over 1K in Christmas Loot!

– Team Tarantula, “Rolling With It since ’94”


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