Board Game Night at the Hairy T North



board game (noun): a game of strategy played by moving pieces on a board.

For many people, the term “board game” conjures up painful memories of countless childhood hours spent crowded around a dusty old Scrabble board, checkers set or mass market games like Monopoly and Sorry.  For the modern nerd however, board gaming represents one of the most dynamic and fastest growing hobbies in all of geekdom.  With endless waves of new and inventive game mechanics, designers from all over the world are taking these games far beyond your grandmother’s copy of Snakes and Ladders – frankly, some of the best “board games” don’t even have a board!  Whether you enjoy card games, dice games or more traditional gaming it’s pretty much a given that there’s a nerdy board game out there that’s just right for you.  The only problem of course is that if you want to play board games, you generally need someone to play them with.  Relax, that’s where we come in:




Hairy Tarantula North:

(647) 430-1263
6979 Yonge St

Toronto, ON M2M 3Y2


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Are you ready to get off the sidelines and see what all the fuss is about?  Come join us at the Hairy T North in 2014 and learn how we’re helping to take the “bored” out of board gaming – one week at a time.



– The Night’s Watch at the (Hairy T) Northern Wall