Hairy T Rewards Program App


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Some of you have no doubt noticed by now that Hairy Tarantula does not appear on the Vicinity Rewards locator any longer.  Fear not – you still have all of your points and can still collect them as per usual.  Our transition to a mobile platform has not been as seamless as planned.

Regardless, our new system is now active and you can download our free app for your phone in a few seconds – just search the app store for “Hairy Tarantula” .  With the Hairy Tarantula app installed you’ll be able to “Transfer Loyalty” to move your points over to the new system.  Now instead of tapping your card you’ll display a QR code on your phone to spend and collect points, basically almost exactly as before.

The new mobile platform will allow us to expand the nature of HairyT Rewards in new and exciting ways – stay tuned to the “News” section in the app for more details – or check the HairyT Rewards section of the HairyT website.


Chief Tarantula
“Rolling with it since ’94”


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