Legend of the 5 Rings: Celestial Order League

Legend of The Five Rings: Celestial Order League

Sunday’s at 1pm starting November 19th

Register your clan: $15 (one time fee each season)

League is a structured play event that will pit clan against clan to win the heart of the Emperor.

Your deck must include 45 card Dynasty deck & 45 card Conflict deck.

Season One

Week 1 – November 19th
Week 2 – November 26th
Week 3 – December 3rd
Week 4 – December 10th
Week 5 – December 17th
Week 6 – January 7th
War of the Clan Champions Event – January 14th (Invite Only)
(Please note the December 24th & 31st are skipped due to the Holiday season)

League Rules:

Each player will designate a clan that they will choose to represent! This may not change for the duration of the league.

Every game won with a deck comprised of your chosen clan will earn the player 2 points for their clan, any game won with a deck other than the nominated clan will only earn you 1 point for their nominated clan.

At the end of the 6 week league period, the clan with the most points will earn the Emperor’s favour and earn the following:

Also for each clan, the player with the MOST wins will be nominated Clan Champion of their designated clan.

The second most wins will earn the title of Clan Rikugunshokan (General)

Third most wins will earn the title of Clan Shireikan (Commander)

With these titles, those players will be invited to a invite only tournament that will decide not only who among them is truly the greatest. But decide the fate of their clan!

Will you lead your clan on the path to glory?

War of the Clan Champions Event (Invite Only)

Clan Champions, General, and Commander will earn their place in history as being the greatest among Rokugan!

The Winner of this event will decide the fate of the League for the following season! As they may choose keeper/seeker roles for all clans in the next season of the League.

Plus prizes TBA…