Merry Christmas From the Hairy Tarantula

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Around here, we’ve been known to boast that the Hairy Tarantula is only closed for two days a year – Christmas and New Years Day. It is then today, on one of our few occasions to reflect, that I’d like to thank each and every one of you who’ve helped to make the Hairy Tarantula such a great place to be this past year. Although few will remember 2014 as a banner year for anything, the simple truth is that our job at the Hairy Tarantula is to sell fun and that simply wouldn’t be possible without all of our wonderful customers. So, to you, the people who are still dedicated to having fun in a world that seems to border on absurd, I raise a glass on Christmas Day. May all of your holidays be merry and I look forward to joining you for another toast on Christmas next year.

Naturally, we will be closed today but don’t forget to visit us tomorrow for the first day of our famous, epic Boxing Week Sale!

– Admin

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HT Update: Wednesday is New Comic Day!


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It’s Wednesday morning and we’re busy as beavers here at the Hairy T because today is the most important day of the week for book nerds – New Comic Day! Whether you’re looking for comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, manga or anime the Hairy T has got what you need every Wednesday.

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New & Back In Stock SM Powers Match

MP Button FInalDark Engine TPB Vol 1: Art Of Destruction
Manhattan Projects TPB Vol 5: The Cold War
Nnewts GN Vol 1: Escape From Lizzarks
8 Bit Zombie: Full Byte TPB
Strange Detective Mysteries GN
March GN Book 1
Archer & Armstrong TPB Vol 6: American Wasteland
East Of West TPB Vol 3: There Is No Us
East Of West TPB Vol 1: The Promise
Larfleeze TPB Vol 2: The Face Of Greed
Magdalena TPB Vol 1
Sunstone TPB Vol 1
Twilight TPB
X-O Manowar TPB Vol 7: Armor Hunters
Battle Pope TPB Vol 4: Wrath Of God
Battle Pope TPB Vol 3: Pillow Talk
Battle Pope TPB Vol 1: Genesis
Doctor Spektor TPB Vol 1
Green Lantern: Lights Out TPB
Nova TPB Vol 4: Original Sin
Superman Action Comics TPB Vol 4: Hybrid
Amazing X-Men TPB Vol 2: World War Wendigo
Deceivers TPB Vol 1
Showcase Presents: Legion Of Superheroes TPB Vol 5
Six Million Dollar Man: Season 6 TPBIndy Book Button Final
Transformers Vs Gi Joe TPB Vol 1
Maxx: Maxximized HC Vol 2
Batman Arkham Origins HC
Superman Action Comics HC Vol 5: What Lies Beneath
Captain America Premier HC Vol 5: Tomorrow Sold
Marvel Masterworks: Warlock TPB Vol 1
Corto Maltese GN: Under The Sign Of Capricorn
Lucifer TPB Vol 5
X-Men Epic Collection TPB: Children Of Atom
X-Men TPB Vol 3: Road To Onslaught
Tales Of The Batman: Len Wein HC
TMNT Ultimate Collection HC Vol 2


While it’s certainly true that our new releases shelf is impressive, any veteran shopper at the Hairy Tarantula will tell you that our specialty is dealing in vintage, out of print and hard to find trade paperbacks. With thousands of books and over 20 years worth of titles to choose from the Hairy T is guaranteed to have something to satisfy your comic reading desires. Check out one of our many awesome classics below:

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Never before in the history of children’s comics has entertainment been this smart. Join Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline the Vampire and the rest of the Adventure Time cast on all new, original escapades in the world of graphic novels. With unique art, vibrant colors and well written characters that appeal to both boys and girls, Adventure Time is setting a new standard for kid’s comics and attracting adult fans in the process. Heartwarming, educational and fun, Adventure Time proves that intelligent comics with a heart appeal to everyone:

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Do your tastes trend towards Japanese Comics? Have no fear brave traveler because the Hairy Tarantula has one of the largest collections of Manga & Manhwa in the entire country! Whether you’re looking for hot new releases or classic volumes nobody else seems to have the Hairy Tarantula is where you want to be for Manga:

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Naruto Akasuki Clouds Socks
Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You GN Vol 3Ambition of Oda Button Final Smaller
NGE: Shinji Ikari Raising Project TPB Vol 15
D Frag GN Vol 3
Citrus GN Vol 1
Hidamari Sketch SP: Complete Collection Blu-Ray
Diabolik Lovers: Complete Collection DVD
Queens Blade Beautiful Warriors: Complete Collection DVD
Queens Blade Beautiful Warriors: Complete Collection Blu-Ray
Detroit Metal City: Complete Collection Blu-Ray
Reideen:  Complete Season One DVD
Ambition Of Oda Nobuna:  Complete Collection DVD
Ambition Of Oda Nobuna:  Complete Collection Blu-Ray
EF: A Tale Of Memories & Melodies Complete Collection DVD
Hiiro No Kakera Tamayori Princess Saga:  Complete Collection DVD
Hiiro No Kakera Tamayori Princess Saga:  Complete Collection Blu-Ray


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Finally, it just wouldn’t be New Comic Day at the Hairy T without all of the cool toys, awesome figurines and whacky collectables we carry – check out the new stuff arriving today:

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Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot Vinyl FigureGroot PNG Tiny
Final Fantasy Static Arts: Mini-Sephiroth PVC Figure
Sailor Moon PS Petite Chara Land Blind-Box Figures Marine Style
Sailor Moon PS Petite Chara Land Blind-Box Figures Series 3
Petite Charat Blind-Box Figures Marine Style
Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of graphic novels, manga and collections at US Cover Price – no matter what your pleasure, we’ve got a great read for you.

– Team Tarantula, “Rolling With It since 94′”

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