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Are you looking to get your hands on the hottest CCGs, RPGs and Board Games the moment they come into our shops? Then today is your lucky day at the Hairy Tarantula – we’ve got new gaming in stock and ready to find a home with you!

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide
Classic Battletech: Assault Lance Pack
Lord of the Rings LCG: Heirs of Numenor Nightmare Deck
Star Wars X Wing: YT-2400 Freighter Expansion PackRobotech RPG Tactics MicroAd
Star Wars X Wing: VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack
Robotech Tactics (Miniatures Game Starter Set)
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skulls & Shackles Tempest Rising
Pathfinder Player Companion: Ranged Tactics Toolbox
Pathfinder Adventures: Iron Gods – Valley of the Brain Collectors
Pathfinder Cards: Rules Reference Flash Cards
Pathfinder Module: Plunder & Peril
Pathfinder Flip Mat: Red Light District
The Witcher Adventure Game
Quartermaster General (Strategy Game)
Enemy Coast Ahead (Strategy Game)
Great Battles of the American Civil War: Twin Peaks (Strategy Game)
Warhammer 40K Conquest: The Howl of Blackmane War Pack

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Of course, it’s not just about new games and restocks here at the Hairy Tarantula – we also carry an astounding number of classic CCGs, RPGs and Board Games for your enjoyment. Check out one of the many excellent “old” games you can pick up at the Hairy T below:

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After a thousand years of war, Countermay is dying – pushed to the brink of starvation by endless magical conflict and strife. Someone must rise up and seize control of the land before all hope is lost – that someone is you. Offering both deep strategy and excellent replay value, AEG’s Romance of the 9 Empires card game allows players to shape the future of Countermay in the world of Ro9E. If you’re looking for a card game you won’t be able to put down, at a price that makes getting into the game ridiculously easy,  check out our Hidden Gem selection for today – Romance of the 9 Empires 15th Anniversary World Championship Edition:



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This weekend, both Hairy Tarantula Locations will be hosting our very own Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday sale! Savvy shoppers looking to take advantage of great discounts in virtually every department of our store are encouraged to click on the image below for more details:

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Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of the best games at amazing prices – no matter what your poison is, we’ve got the game for you.

– Team Tarantula: “Rolling With It Since ’94”

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Hairy T Reviews: Gaming – Hipster Dice


Hairy T Reviews Hipster Dice Version


Hipster Dice

“So, have you guys listened to the insane beats of Mystery Skulls? Have you heard about Donut Head being the non-mainstream fashion? What about the espresso-exclusive cafe that serves their shots in Animal Pelvises?”


Calvin Ung Author Profile Finished SmallerHipster Dice is one of the most intriguing bluffing games that you haven’t heard of – which makes it hip, unless you’re totally basic.  Your main objective is to convince a group of friends about something that is non-mainstream or is unheard of – in a category you roll on the Hipster die (Music, Literature, Films, Food, Drinks or Fashion). You score points for making believable claims (“I’m getting a pet frog that “croaks” by waving his rear legs like an air-traffic controller”) and the chance to score more for challenges on “false” claims.  Players then prove their claims by searching the internet and showing proof or spoof.  If your claim is true you get an extra point, but if it’s false, then your turn ends.  The hippest among you will be the first to 5 points – lie, bluff and bluster your friends until you’ve won the title of Ultimate Hipster!  Overall, I’d describe Hipster Dice as a great little party game – for an even littler investment.

Rating: 8/10    Price: $4.88


Spider Rankings Hipster Dice

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HT Reminder: It’s New Comic Day!


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It’s Wednesday morning and we’re busy as beavers here at the Hairy T because today is the most important day of the week for book nerds – New Comic Day! Whether you’re looking for comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, manga or anime the Hairy T has got what you need every Wednesday.

New This Week AK Popo HellboyVersion


ASM Learning to Crawl Ad2


Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight HCAlexandro Jodorowsky’s Screaming Planet HC (new printing)
All New Invaders TPB Vol 2: Original Sin
Amazing Spider-man TPB Vol 1.1: Learning to Crawl
American Vampire TPB Vol 6
Arkwright Integral HC
Axe Cop TPB Vol 6: American Choppers
Bad Blood TPB
Batman & Robin TPB Vol 4: Requiem for DamianB&R Requiem for Damian Smaller copy
Batman Eternal TPB Vol 1
Batwoman TPB Vol 5: Webs
Brass Sun HC
Captain America Epic Collection TPB: Captain America Lives
Catwoman TPB Vol 5: Race of Thieves
Chronicles of Conan TPB Vol 28: Blood & Ice
Cochlea & Eustachia TPB
Complete Far Side Slipcase TPB Boxed Set
Deadpool TPB Vol 6: Original Sin
Hellboy Weird Tales HC
Hinterkind TPB Vol 2
HP Lovecraft’s Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath GN
Inhuman TPB Vol 1: Genesis
Justice League TPB: Trinity War (New 52)
Milo Manara Borgias HC
Mouse Guard HC Vol 1: FALL 1152 (new printing)
Mouse Guard HC Vol 2: Winter 1152 (new printing)
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard HC Vol 1 (new printing)
Orphan Blade TPB
Oz Road to Oz SmallerOverstreet Guide  TPB Vol 3: Grading Comics
Oz TPB: The Road to Oz
Pankiller Jane TPB: 22 Brides
The Property HC
Punk Rock Jesus: Delux HC Edition (new printing)
Robbie Burns Witch Hunter HC
Savage Wolverine HC: The Best There Is
Solar Man of the Atom TPB: Nuclear Family
Soppy: A Love Story TPB
Spectrum TPB Vol 21
Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle TPB Vol 1
Trinity of Sin: Pandora TPB Vol 2
Twilight Zone TPB Vol 2: The Way In
Unity TPB Vol 3: Armor Hunters
Vandroid TPB (new printing)
White Suits TPB
Wolverine by Jason Aaron: The Complete Collection TPB Vol 


While it’s certainly true that our new releases shelf is impressive, any veteran shopper at the Hairy Tarantula will tell you that our specialty is dealing in vintage, out of print and hard to find trade paperbacks. With thousands of books and over 20 years worth of titles to choose from the Hairy T is guaranteed to have something to satisfy your comic reading desires. Check out one of our many awesome classics below:

Hidden Gem AK Popo Hellboy Match

Everyone knows that comics aren’t just for kids anymore but sometimes finding the right “grown-up” comic can be difficult – take a wrong turn down the Vertigo isle and you can find yourself reading books so gritty they should come with a pack of loose gravel. Thankfully however, there are still books like Marvel’s Daredevil on the shelf to provide just the right mix of mature plots, character development and classic comic action. Whether it’s rising star Mark Waid, or veteran comics god Brian Michael Bendis, the adventures of Matt Murdock: The Man Without Fear are guaranteed to help you learn to love “mature” comics again:


Hidden Gem Daredevil Trades


Do your tastes trend towards Japanese Comics? Have no fear brave traveler because the Hairy Tarantula has one of the largest collections of Manga & Manhwa in the entire country! Whether you’re looking for hot new releases or classic volumes nobody else seems to have the Hairy Tarantula is where you want to be for Manga:

New Manga AK Popo HellboyMatchr

New This Week AK Popo HellboyVersion

Fairy Tale Volume 44 Smaller


Attack on Titan Junior High Vol 2
Cardfight Vanguard Vol 4
Fairy Tale Vol 44
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 1 (new printing)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 2 (new printing)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 3 (new printing)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 4 (new printing)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 5 (new printing)
Satoshi Kon Opus TPB



New Anime AK Popo Hellboy Match


Finally, it just wouldn’t be New Comic Day at the Hairy T without our new release Anime on Blu Ray and DVD. Check out the new titles arriving this week below:

Beyblade Season 1 DVDposter_wind_rises Smaller
Dragonball Z Season 9 Blu Ray
Fairy Tale Part 14 Blu Ray & DVD combo pack
From Inside DVD
Gargantia Complete Series Blu Ray & DVD limited edition combo pack
Gargantia Complete Series DVD
Kiki’s Delivery Service Blu Ray & DVD combo pack (new printing)
Princess Mononoke Blu Ray & DVD combo pack (new printing)
The Wind Rises Blu Ray & DVD combo pack
The Wind Rises DVD
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Season 1 Volume 1 DVD


Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of graphic novels, manga and collections at US Cover Price – no matter what your pleasure, we’ve got a great read for you.

– Team Tarantula

New Comic Day AK Popo Hellboy Match