Hairy T M15 PTQ: Vendors



One of the lasting hallmarks of a Hairy T PTQ is our efforts to draw together vendors from both far and wide for each of these events, and our M15 PTQ will be no different. We’ve partnered with *NINE* other vendors for this PTQ to bring you the widest selection of MtG singles and some of the best prices on the Eastern seaboard. Check out the Vendor roster below and click on each bar to visit that Vendor’s website!












– Team Tarantula



Hairy T M15 PTQ: Pre-Registration


Welcome, cardboard warrior! You have now discovered the single most important part of our website if you want to ensure your right to do battle in the PTQ on May 10th, 2014. Pre-registration for the Hairy T M15 Pro Tour Qualifier opens on Friday, February 28th at 12 Noon and entrance to the main event must be capped at 408 players:


 $40 Regular Entry

$65 VIP Entry*

* VIP Entry includes a Hairy T Spring 2014 Season Playmat, 2 drink tickets, 5 slices of pizza, a deck box, sleeves and $5 in Hairy Tarantula store credit!


 Thursday, May 8th Update:







Sorry, Pre-registration is now closed, see you Saturday spellslinger!


March 12th Update!




Sorry, Pre-registration is now closed, see you Saturday spellslinger!



M15PTQ OldPlayMatPlayceholder2

More information about our Spring 2014 Playmat coming soon – Watch this space for updates!


– Team Tarantula


Hairy T M15 PTQ: Location and Parking


Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ryerson University’s Kerr Hall gymnasium provides ample space for more than 500 wizards and witches to wage cardboard warfare throughout the entire day. The Hall itself is located at 379 Victoria Street and is a mere 5 minute walk from both the Yonge/College and the Yonge/Dundas subway stations. You can also access the event from the doors on 31 Gerrard street if you desire – they both lead to the same building.

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For those traveling by car, downtown Toronto offers a wide variety of parking options – but they aren’t always easy to find. For your convenience here is a map with numerous public parking lots labeled. Remember, every orange dot on the map is a public parking option – not just the spots marked with a letter tag. You may also be able to find pay meters on the street but visitors are advised that parking enforcement is aggressive in Toronto – if you park in restricted areas or in residential spots without tags you absolutely will be ticketed or towed.

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– Team Tarantula


Hairy T M15 PTQ: The Main Event



It takes a special kind of spellcaster to walk the hallowed halls of Magic the Gathering’s Pro Tour. The combination of skill, dedication and focus necessary to beat 300+ other competitor’s for the right to jam cardboard with living legends is rare indeed – are you such a competitor, brave warrior? We’re about to find out because on May 10th, 2014 the Hairy Tarantula will crown a PTQ champion and send one aspiring Pro Magic player to the big dance. Can you punch your ticket to the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour this spring? Prove it at the Hairy T M15 Pro Tour Qualifier on May 10th:

Players will be given 2 packs each of Theros, Born of the Gods and Journey Into Nyx with which to build their sealed deck. Minimum deck size is 40 cards and players may add as many basic lands (Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, Forest) as they require. We’ll bring the land – you bring your limited Magic skills and the heart of a champion.


Note: The traditional MtG event “Sleep-in Special” will be extended towards everyone who enters the Hairy T M15 PTQ:

That’s right, all players will receive a pre-registered sealed pool for this event thanks to the fantastic efforts of our tournament staff and judges! Simply show up, build your deck and start battling – the way Magic was intended to be played.

Due to space and time requirements this event will be capped at 9 rounds and 408 players, with a cut to a top 8 booster draft. Competitors who wish to ensure their seat in the PTQ are encouraged to visit the Hairy T M15 PTQ Pre-Registration page for more details.



Hairy T M15 PTQ Prize Structure


M15PTQPrizeBoilerPlate1E Less Bevel Colder TransCopy

Hairy T M15 PTQ Additional Prizes




For more information on Hairy T Pre-Registration and Early Bird prizes, check out our M15 PTQ Pre-Registration Page beginning February 28th, 2014.


– Team Tarantula