Selling Us Your Roleplaying Games

So you’ve played Tomb of Horrors and you’ve scratched that lich? Run Pathfinder so many times you’re looking for a new trail to blaze?  Now it’s time for new challenges; trade in your old games to us and set forth on your new adventures by following these easy steps!

First check out our most wanted list located HERE!

These are our most sought after titles currently!


Please Read All of the Instructions listed below.


Collections (Over 11+ Books):


1 – Send us a list of the RPG books you want to sell, along with a single hi-res photo of the books in a pile (showing the spines!) to This helps us view the contents, as well as, give us an idea of what we are interested in and the grade and conditions of the books.


2 – Once we have reviewed your email, we will message you back confirming the contents, along with what we are interested in purchasing. Then set up an appointment to view the collection (please note this is for collections only).


3 – Once we have completed grading and processing your collection/books in person, we will make an offer. Please note that our offers will always carry a bonus for store credit over cash. This means that if you’re looking to trade in, you will always get more value than if you just want to sell books to us.


General (All Trades):


4 – We will pay you with a cheque for larger purchases.


5 – RPG books are graded differently than comic books and CCGs; we value complete box sets and books over corners and spines.


6 – We reserve the right to ask for Photo ID to finalization all transactions.


7 – All hail Cthulhu! Fnord.