Eldritch Moon Prerelease Weekend: July 16-17


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Premium Registration Package: SCG Parody Collection Playmats!
We now carry the Prerelease Playmats! Sign up for a Prerelease event with Premium Registration, and receive event registration, the playmat*, sleeves, and a drink, for only $50! (*While Supplies Last) Additionally, we will be giving these playmats out as door prizes! You may purchase your Premium Registrations at our online store

Pre-Reg Pie:

Preregister for a prerelease event at the North store (except Breakfast or Brunch) by Wednesday, July 13 and receive 3 squares of pizza and a can of pop (per event, during that event) FREE!


Plus you can preregister at either of our locations.

Shoot the Eldritch Moon Challenge!

Play Prerelease events in all 7 time slots (Saturday at 12am, 9am, 1pm, and 6pm, as well as Sunday at 10am, 2pm or 3pm, and 7pm), and get the playmat FREE!

Hairy Tarantula North


6979 Yonge St.

At the southeast corner of Yonge and Steeles


Toronto, Ontario


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Hairy Tarantula

354 Yonge St.

Located right above Infuse Cafe


Toronto, Ontario

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3 round events

9 points: 5 Boosters, $16 Store Credit
7 points: 4 Boosters, $12 Store Credit
6 points: 3 Boosters, $8 Store Credit
4-5 points: 2 Boosters, $4 Store Credit
0-3 points: 1 Booster


4 round events

12 points: 9 Boosters, $16 Store Credit
10 points: 7 Boosters, $13 Store Credit
9 points: 5 Boosters, $10 Store Credit
7-8 points: 3 Boosters, $7 Store Credit
6 points: 1 Booster, $4 Store Credit
4-5 points: 1 Booster, $2 Store Credit
0-3 points: 1 Booster

Grand Prix Trial: Montreal – July 1st, Canada Day Edition!

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This Canada Day celebrate it with us and don’t miss this special CANADA DAY GPT for the final Canadian GP of 2016!

This event will be held on Friday July 1st. Yes, you read that correctly it’s a Friday and what better way is there to start the long weekend then with some Magic!

Registration: 12pm-12:55pm

Start Time: 1:00pm

Entry Fee: $20

Format: Modern Constructed

Competitive REL, 3x PWP multiplier

Decklists Required

Duration: Swiss Rounds based on attendance, cut to appropriate playoff

1st: $200 Store Credit
2nd: $100 Store Credit
3rd-4th: $50 Store Credit
5th-8th: $25 Store Credit

Winner receives a 2-round bye for Grand Prix Montreal 2016.

Plus stick around after the GPT for Modern FNM starting at 7pm!