Vangel On Vintage


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Corey Vangel is a veteran Magic the Gathering writer, brewer and grinder who lives in the Toronto area. As a longtime devotee of classic MtG formats, Corey can most commonly be found playing Legacy or hardcore Vintage. With a love for Power 9, combo and control cards – Vangel vows he’ll be playing Eternal Magic until the day they ban Islands.


Vangel on Vintage – Sultai Landstill (Jan 27th, 2015)

Vangel on Vintage – Imperial Wok (February 13th, 2015)

Vangel on Vintage – Ants in Your Pants (February 24th, 2015)

Vangel on Vintage – Vintage Oath Control (March 12th, 2015)

Vangel on Vintage – The Riddle of Card Advantage (March 31st, 2015)



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