HT Friday Update – We Got Games!


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Are you looking to get your hands on the hottest CCGs, RPGs and Board Games the moment they come into our shops? Then today is your lucky day at the Hairy Tarantula – we’ve got new gaming in stock and ready to find a home with you!

New This Week Carton BTech MatchStar Wars Imperial Assault Ad PNG Final


Android Netrunner The Source PNG FInal TestCarcassonne Gold Rush Board Game
Carcassonne Hills & Sheep Expansion
Infinity 3rd Edition Core Rulebook Miniatures Game
Infinity – Bounty Hunter (?)
Android Netrunner The Source Data Pack
Eldritch Horror Mountains of Madness Board Game Expansion
Lord of the Rings LCG: The Old Forest Expansion
Star Wars Imperial Assault Board Game
DC Comics Deckbuilding Game Rivals Batman vs The Joker
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Treasures RPG Supliment
Pathfinder Adventure Path Iron Gods 5: Palace of Fallen Stars
Pathfinder Player Companion: Giant Hunter’s Handbook
Small World: A Spider’s Web Board Game Expansion
Cardfight Vanguard Legion of Dragons & Blades Ver E Boosters
Weiss Schwarz Fairy Tail Ver E Boosters
Weiss Schwarz Fairy Tail Ver E Trial Deck

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Hairy T Gaming Carton BTech Match
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The Fro Knows: Rebuilding From Scrap

The Fro Knows Daretti JPG

Editor’s Note: Due to circumstances beyond the Author’s control, the Hairy Tarantula was forced to suspend publication of the popular MtG related series “The Fro Knows” on our website some months ago. Mostly it was a question of my availability to edit and publish Tyler’s amazing articles and it would be unfair to suggest he was in any way at fault for interruption in his work here on our website. It is then with great pleasure and without further ado, that I present to you the long awaited “Return of the Fro” here on

Hey everybody, I’m back! It’s your old pal, The Fro! Who missed me?!

*crickets chirping*

For those of you who are new to these articles, my name is Tyler Priemer and I’m here to break down different decks and developments in Magic from Casual to Competitive. This series, The Fro Knows, is your one-stop shop for articles about everything Standard, Modern, Limited, and Commander. This week I’ll be celebrating my return to Hairy T with one of my favourite formats: Commander.

Frankly, right now is a great time to be playing 100 card singleton Magic. The 2014 Commander decks have done wonders for shaking up the format. In particular, the addition of Planeswalkers to the list of viable commanders has opened up a whole new world of deck construction possibilities. With this completely different card type, decks have to adapt and this in turn has drastically affected the metagame. Suddenly, board wipes such as Wrath of God or Hallowed Burial lose some of their effectiveness since these Planeswalkers stay on the battlefield. As well, spot removal like Oblation, Chaos Warp, Hero’s Downfall, and Unexpectedly Absent are seeing more play over their counterparts that only affect creatures.

Wizards of the Coast knocked it out of the park by introducing five interesting, powerful, and balanced planeswalkers to spearhead this year’s batch of products. Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath offers the epitome of Black’s “Power, but at a cost” philosophy, while Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury spews out Elvish Mystics while embodying everything Green decks need to to succeed in Commander. Nahiri takes the equipment-centric nature of mono-White Commander to the nth degree, and Teferi’s new title of Temporal Archmage brings about one of the craziest emblems I’ve ever heard of. But of all these new entries to the Commander pantheon, these all pale in comparison to my love for everyone’s favourite legless goblin ‘walker, Daretti.

The Fro Knows Rebuilding From Scrap Mid Banner 2 JPG

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HT Wednesday Update: It’s New Comic Day!


HT New Book Day Batman Redone JPG


It’s Wednesday morning and we’re busy as beavers here at the Hairy T because today is the most important day of the week for book nerds – New Comic Day! Whether you’re looking for comics, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, manga or anime the Hairy T has got what you need every Wednesday.

New This Week Elephant Batman Trans

Saga Volume 4 Highlight Trans
John Buscema Silver Surfer Artist Ed HC
Strongman GN Vol 1
Archie Rockin’ The World TPB
Winterworld TPB Vol 1: La Nina
Deadly Class TPB Vol 1: Reagan Youth
Scum of the Earth TBP
Battle Pope TPB Vol 2: Mayhem (reprint)
Brain Boy TPB Vol 2: Men From Gestalt
Drumhellar TPB Vol 2: Dogs And GodsSwamp Thing Volume 5 Small Button JPG
Uncanny X-Force By Remender Complete Collection TPB Vol 2
East Of West TPB Vol 2: We Are All One
Imagine Agents TPB Vol 1
Saga TPB Vol 4
Spawn Origins TPB Vol 1
Spawn Origins TPB Vol 3
Swamp Thing TPB Vol 5: The Killing Field
Thief Of Thieves TPB Vol 4
Love At Fourteen GN Vol 1
Cyclops TPB Vol 1: Starstruck
Eureka GN
Batgirl TPB Vol 4: Wanted
Savage Dragon A New Beginning TPB
Godzilla Rulers Of Earth TPB Vol 4
Mice Templar TPB Vol 4.2 Legend Part 2
All New X-Men TPB Vol 4: All Different
Athena Voltaire Compendium HC
Daredevil By Mark Waid TPB Vol 7
Lobster Johnson TPB Vol 4: Get The Lobster
Lone Ranger TPB Vol 8: Long Road Home
Angel & Faith Season 10 TPB Vol 1: Where the River Meets the Sea
Shazam: Monster Society Of Evil TPB
Angel and Faith ButtonSpectre TPB Vol 2: The Wrath Of God
Superman Batman TPB Vol 2
Trilogy USA HC
Authority TPB Vol 2 (reprint)
Batgirl HC Vol 5: Deadline
Batman & Robin HC Vol 5: The Big Burn
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose TPB Vol 8
Thunderbolts TPB Vol 5: Punisher Vs Thunderbolts
DMZ Deluxe Edition HC Book 3
Identity Crisis 10th Anniversary HC
Star Trek New Adventures TPB Vol 1
Milkyway Hitchhiking SC Vol 1
Dream Logic HC
Marvel Firsts TPB Vol 3: 1980′s
Judge Dredd: Daily Dredds HC
Henson HC Novel: Slipcase Box Set
Futures End Five Years Later Omnibus HC
Batman: Kelley Jones Gallery Edition HC

While it’s certainly true that our new releases shelf is impressive, any veteran shopper at the Hairy Tarantula will tell you that our specialty is dealing in vintage, out of print and hard to find trade paperbacks. With thousands of books and over 20 years worth of titles to choose from the Hairy T is guaranteed to have something to satisfy your comic reading desires. Check out one of our many awesome classics below:

Hidden Gem Elephant Batman Trans

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and never has this been more true in the world of comics than with Adam Warren’s “Empowered” – created when one of Adam’s customers refused to pay for some risque artwork he’d commissioned. Smart, sexy and laugh out loud funny; Empowered takes a not so kinda look at fandom and flips the script on it’s head to bring you a story that’s truly unique in the world of comics:

Empowered Hidden Gems Trans


Do your tastes trend towards Japanese Comics? Have no fear brave traveler because the Hairy Tarantula has one of the largest collections of Manga & Manhwa in the entire country! Whether you’re looking for hot new releases or classic volumes nobody else seems to have the Hairy Tarantula is where you want to be for Manga:

New Manga and Anime Batman Match JPG


Case Closed GN Vol 2
Case Closed GN Vol 4
Manga Dogs GN Vol 2
Afterschool Charisma GN Vol 10
Master Keaton GN Vol 1: Urasawa
Dance In Vampire Bund Part 2 Scarlet Order GN Vol 1
Dogs GN Vol 9
Dorohedoro GN Vol 14
Girls Und Panzer Little Army GN Vol 1
Haganai I Dont Have Many Friends – Club Minutes
Krampus TPB
Soul Eater Button LargeAccel World GN Vol 2
Accel World Novel Vol 2 – Red Storm Princess
Are You Alice? GN Vol 7
He’s My Only Vampire GN Vol 1
High School Dxd: Asia & Koneko’s Secret Contract?
Soul Eater Not TPB Vol 4
Soul Eater TPB Vol 23
Spice And Wolf GN Vol 10
Spice And Wolf Novel Vol 13 Side Colors III
Sword Art Online Fairy Dance GN Vol 2
Sword Art Online Novel Vol 3: Fairy Dance
A Certain Magical Index Light Novel Vol 1
Is It Wrong Try Pick Up Girls In Dungeon Light Novel
Triage X GN Vol 8
Barakamon GN Vol 2
Demon From Afar GN Vol 1
Kingdom Hearts II TPB Vol 3
Pandora Hearts: Odds & Ends Art Book HC
Witch Buster TPB Vol 7:  Books 13 & 14
Mobile Suit Gundam Origin HC Vol 8
XXXholic Omnibus TPB Vol 4
Tena On S String GN Vol 6
Certain Magical Index II: Season 2 Part 2 Blu- Ray + Dvd


New Toys and Collectables Batman Elelphant Match JPG


Finally, it just wouldn’t be New Comic Day at the Hairy T without all of the cool toys, awesome figurines and whacky collectables we carry – check out the new stuff arriving today:

New & Back In Stock Elephant Batman Match

Pop! Book Of Life: Manolo Remembered Vinyl Fig
Pop! Book Of Life: Manolo Vinyl Fig
Pop! Book Of Life: Maria Vinyl Fig
Pop! GotG: Groot Vinyl Fig
Pop! GotG: Rocket Raccoon Vinyl Fig
Pop! Kill Bill: Bill Vinyl Fig
Son Of Batman Action Figure
DC Superhero Chess Fig Coll Mag #71 Power Ring Black Bishop
DC Superhero Chess Fig Coll Mag #72 Parasite Black PawnDr Who Titans PNG Smaller
DC Batman Auto Fig Mag #46 The Killing Joke
DC Batman Auto Fig Mag #47 Robin #1 Car
Doctor Who Titans Mini Figures Series 6
Cat Box Buttons
Marvel Chess Fig Coll Mag #20 Mandarin Black Bishop
Superman Man Of Steel Statue Animated Series
DC Comics Bombshells Statue Holiday Harley Quinn
DC Comics Bombshells Zatanna Statue
Legacy “Game Of Thrones” Jaime Lannister Action Figure
Loz Wind Waker Link Nendoroid
Yotsuba & Danboard One Coin Figures
Batman Black & White Statue By Michael Turner

Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of graphic novels, manga and collections at US Cover Price – no matter what your pleasure, we’ve got a great read for you.

- Team Tarantula, “Rolling With It since 94′”

New Comic Day Elephant Batman Match Trans

The Hairy Tarantula 1K Christmas Loot Contest Rumbles Forward!


Hairy T Christmas Contest JPG Version


The countdown is on: the largest holiday prize giveaway in the history of the Hairy Tarantula is live and waiting for you to share our Christmas greetings on social media for your chance to win over 1K in prizes. For full contest rules and prize information – click here.

In order to make the contest as easy as possible for our customers to participate in, we’ve decided to post today’s contest notice here – just so you know what it looks like:


Hairy T Christmas Contest 3rd Notice Final
Of course, in order to win you need to do more than just see the picture – you have to share our original posts from the Hairy T Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this one too – click on the buttons bellow to be taken directly to the posts we want you to share to enter yourself into the contest:


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Hairy T Facebook Button 1 JPG
Update: Due to some of the newest updates to Facebook and Twitter Privacy settings it’s a little difficult for us to track some of your entries. Frankly, in our eyes this is a good thing – we want you to be safe on social media and we respect your privacy! However, we also want to reward you for helping us spread Christmas Cheer by entering you into the contest. If you’ve shared or retweeted the notice from an account set to private *please* message us on Facebook or @ tag us in a message on Twitter to let us know! While we can’t check to see if you’ve shared the notice, we’re more than happy to take your word for it and enter you into the contest immediately. Don’t worry – if your account is set to private nobody will see your message except us. Thanks for your understanding.

Are you ready to spread some Christmas cheer this year with the Hairy Tarantula and win some prizes? Great! Then share our post on social media and get your name into the draw for over 1K in Christmas Loot!

- Team Tarantula, “Rolling With It since ’94″


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