The Hairy Tarantula Black Friday Weekend Sale Continues Today & Runs Until November 29th!

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Great deals in all departments at both Hairy T locations; this Black Friday and all Weekend long!

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Are you looking to get a little more bang for your buck this Black Friday Weekend? Then check out our Hairy Tarantula Bonus Blockbuster Bargains at our Black Friday Weekend Sale below – extra discounts, bonus deals; we’ve got you covered this weekend at both Hairy T Locations:

Magic Specials

Magic: Modern Masters 2015 Boosters   $9.95 pack/$219.95 box
Magic: Conspiracy Boosters   $2.65 pack/$88.50 box

Foreign Magic Specials

Chinese 2013 Core Set, Dragon’s Maze & Theros   $2.65 pack/$88.50 box
French Born of the Gods, 2015 Core Set, Gatecrash & Theros   $2.65 pack/$88.50 box
Spanish Born of the Gods, 2014 & 2015 Core Set, Gatecrash & Journey to Nyx   $2.65 pack/$88.50 box
Japanese 2011, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Core Set, Theros, Born of the Gods   $3.10 pack/$97.35 box
Japanese Journey Into Nyx, Dragon’s Maze, Gatecrash & Dragons of Tarkir   $3.10 pack/$97.35 box
Korean 2013, 2014 & 2015 Core Set, Dragons of Tarkir & Gatecrash   $3.10 pack/$97.35 box
Korean Journey Into Nyx & Theros   $3.10 pack/$97.35 box

Pre-Release Kit Magic Specials

Dragon’s Maze   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Born of the Gods   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Core Set 2015   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Dragons of Tarkir   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Gatecrash   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Journey Into Nyx   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Return to Ravnica   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5
Theros   $17.70 kit/$84.50 set of 5

Fat Pack Magic Specials

Born of the Gods   $24.95
Core Set 2014   $24.95
Core Set 2015   $24.95
Dragon’s Maze   $24.95
Fate Reforged   $29.95
Journey Into Nyx   $29.95
Gatecrash   $34.95

Duel Deck Magic Specials

Speed vs. Cunning   $16.95
Jace vs. Vraska   $19.95
Japanese Izzet vs. Golgari   $19.95
Izzet vs. Golgari   $24.95
Heroes vs. Monsters   $24.95
Venser Vs. Koth   $39.95
Ajani Vs. Nicol Bolas   $49.95

Event Deck Magic Specials

Journey Into Nyx  $14.95
Core Set 2014   $17.95
Dragon’s Maze   $17.95

Non-Magic Specials

All L5R Booster Packs   $0.99 each
All Game of Thrones Chapter Packs   $4.99 each
Order of the Stick GN Vol -1   $9.95
Order of the Stick GN Vol 0   $9.95
Order of the Stick GN Vol 1   $14.95
Order of the Stick GN Vol 2   $19.95
Order of the Stick GN Vol 3   $19.95
BUNDLE: O.O.T.S. GNs Vol -1 thru Vol 3   $59.95
Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol 1 HC   $14.95


- Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since ’94

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