The HT North Modern PPTQ for PT Milwaukee is Today!


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Pre-Registration Information

Preregistration will be available at either store, or via PayPal. Send PayPal payments to: and put “Modern PPTQ” in the comments, along with your name and DCI #. We need this info to complete registration.


Early Bird Door Prizes!

Pre-Register before 11:59pm on April 3rd and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a copy of From the Vault: Annihilation or the official “Modern” Event Deck! Our two winners will be announced during round 2 of the main event. Pre-Register now for your chance to win and to guarantee your spot in this tournament!


Side Events


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*If there are 8 players, event will be single-elimination instead. If there are 9-16 players, event will be 5 rounds, cut to top 4.

Note: both of these events are part of the Hairy Tarantula MtG $2K Player’s Series Season One. For more information about the Player’s Series, click on the image below:


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Additional “On-Demand” side events will be available, including: $15 Booster Drafts and $15 Constructed Win-A-Box!


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One great Saturday and all the Magic you can handle – be there this April 11th at the Hairy Tarantula North and claim booty and glory on the cardboard battlefield!

- Team Tarantula

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The Hairy T and Lucullus Bakery Tabletop Day 2015 Event! Is Today!

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The Hairy Tarantula has teamed up with neighbouring Lucullus Bakery to bring you International TableTop Day 2015. Experience the burgeoning new Board Game culture on Saturday April 11th with friends, food, and fun – best of all, it’s absolutely free!

April 11th, 2015
31 Elm Street, Toronto, Ontario
Near Yonge & Dundas intersection

1:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Free Entry

Note: Due to the available space at Lucullus, this event will have a seating capacity of fifty. In order to reserve your seat at this event, customers are encouraged to visit the Hairy T & Lucullus Bakery Tabletop 2015 Eventbrite page and print out a ticket. Printing out this ticket is both absolutely free and reserves your seat for this awesome event. Finally, it allows you to register for our RSVP program for a free drink and bun!

RSVP for this event by April 9th and we’ll provide a drink and a bun with your promotional swag when you arrive.  Simply e-mail your first and last name, and the first and last names of anyone else in your party to with “Tabletop Day RSVP” in the subject line.  We hope to see you there then!

- Team Tarantula, Rolling With it Since ’94

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The Fro Knows: A Bizarre Commander Adventure

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As many of you will recall, from time to time my friends and I engage in a Commander deckbuilding challenge. The rules are simple: We all agree to a theme, be it movies, history, or pro wrestling like the last challenge, and we build a Commander deck centered around that theme. You have to be able to justify every nonland card you include, and it has to be relatively viable in an actual game. It’s always entertaining to see what kinds of decks we can create since it forces us to use cards that would almost never see play. However, as an additional and topical challenge, we each had to include at least two cards from Dragons of Tarkir while remaining on-theme.

JoJosButtonSizedFor this month’s challenge, we each had to select an anime and build around it. My first selection  was Bosh, Iron Golem as Gurren Lagann, my all-time favourite show, but I was sure that if I were to write about another Red artifact deck, my editor would fire me on the spot, so I looked to my second favourite anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Jojo is, in short, the story of the Joestar family through the generations as they battle supernatural foes with the powers they each possess. It’s split up over eight unique parts, with each one focusing on a different Joestar, and each one with dozens of references to classic and prog rock throughout. However, in order to cover everything about all eight parts I would have to create about a dozen different decks, so I decided to focus on one of my favourite villains from the series: Dio Brando.

Dio appears as the villain for both the first and third parts of the story, and of all the villains he is easily the most recognizable. First appearing in part 1 (Phantom Blood) as the adopted brother to Jonathan Joestar, Dio attempts to usurp Jonathan’s position in the family and steal the Joestar family fortune for himself. When this fails, he uses the power of the stone mask, a relic in Jonathan’s possession, to become a vampire. As a vampire, not only is he immortal save for the destruction of his brain, he can also raise the dead, control minds, and even freeze his enemies solid. After being defeated by Jonathan, his still-living severed head managed to exact revenge on his rival, killing him and attaching himself to the body in order to revive himself. Going by DIO, he emerges 100 years later with an evil spirit called a “Stand”. His Stand, The World, gives him the ability to stop time for a few seconds at a time, giving the appearance to teleportation. This, coupled with his enhanced physical capabilities, allows him to kill his opponents before they can even realize what’s going on.

Szadek, Lord of Secrets Physical Card Button SizedDid you get all that? It’s pretty damn crazy, right? With all those different abilities and that storied background, I was sure I would be able to come up with something. Right off the bat, my mind gravitated toward two core ideas: vampires and time effects. This would require me to be in Blue and Black, so after a quick Gatherer search, I found a couple potential Vampire Commanders. Between Garza Zol, Plague Queen, Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge, Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, and Szadek, Lord of Secrets, I figured that of all these options, Szadek encompassed the feel of Dio better than the rest. Every time he deals combat damage, he not only eats away at the opponent’s deck, he becomes more powerful for doing so. Every attack he comes back bigger and stronger than ever, which combined with some powerful time spells can quickly decimate an opponent’s deck.

In addition to manipulating time and raising an army of vampires, I wanted to include some of the other elements of Dio’s character. One of his most common battle tactics is to demoralize his opponents by convincing them of the futility of fighting him, often through his battle cry of “Muda muda” (translation: Useless, useless). In my mind, that signified countermagic and Control Magic effects. Nothing really hammers home how useless it is to play against us than making sure the opponent never resolves a threat, and the ones they do resolve get stolen from them.

While most famous for his appearance in part 3, I also wanted to cover some of the better aspects of Dio from part 1, such as his Vaporizing Freeze techniques and his ability to regenerate by drinking people’s blood. The latter was especially important, as it stems from one of my all-time favorite moments in the series. When asked how many lives he had taken to restore his body, Dio calmly retorted “Do you remember how many breads you have eaten in your life?” It really hammered home that he was this badass, remorseless killing machine that only cared about his own ambitions. For this I wanted to run several Drain Life effects to weaken my opponents while bolstering my life total. Fortunately, Black has no shortage of these effects, so all I would have to do is pick the most thematically appropriate ones. The Vaporizing Freeze would be far easier to come up with, as all I would need to do is include cards that would freeze or lock down creatures. While I wouldn’t say there’s an abundance of such cards, the ones that do exist are strong enough to merit a spot in the deck. With these guidelines in place, I concocted the following list:

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Friday Night is Magic Night at the Hairy Tarantula North

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Six great events, five different formats at three convenient start times – all on one crazy night of MtG fun. This Friday and every Friday the Hairy T North is your FNM Destination for *the* most Magic in the city of Toronto. Check out the images below for a full schedule of FNM Events available this evening:

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Note: Our 4PM FNM Standard Event is part of the Hairy Tarantula MtG $2K Player’s Series Season One. For more information about the Player’s Series, click on the image below:

Hairy T Players Series Top Header Click Here for More Details

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FNM Commander JPG1

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Note: Our 7PM FNM Standard Event is part of the Hairy Tarantula MtG $2K Player’s Series Season One. For more information about the Player’s Series, click on the image below:

Hairy T Players Series Top Header Click Here for More Details

FNM 7PM Modern JPG1

Note: Our 7PM FNM Modern Event is part of the Hairy Tarantula MtG $2K Player’s Series Season One. For more information about the Player’s Series, click on the image below:

Hairy T Players Series Top Header Click Here for More Details

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Great prizes, great events and more FNM Promos than you knew existed – the Hairy T North has so much Magic on Friday Nights that you’ll ooze value for a week cardboard warrior. Join us tonight for Friday Night Magic fun!

- Team Tarantula, Rolling With It Since 94

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Wednesday Is New Comics Day at Both Hairy Tarantula Locations!


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Stay Fly ButtonHerald: History In The Making TPB
William Shakespeare HC Forsooth Phantom Menace
Imperial TPB
Mortal Kombat X TPB Vol 1
Sensation Comics TPB Vol 1 Featuring Wonder Woman
Sheltered TPB Vol 3
Sinergy TPB
Captain Marvel TPB Vol 2 Stay Fly
Astro City Family Album TPB New Edition
Harley Quinn TPB Vol 1: Hot In The City
TMNT Ghostbusters TPB
Captain America TPB Vol 4: Iron Nail
Deadlands Dead Mans Hand TPB
Deathstroke The Terminator TPB Vol 1
Samurai Jack TPB Vol 3
Star Trek Ongoing TPB Vol 9 Q Gambit
Transformers TPB Vol 7
Translucid TPBHarley Quinn 2 Button
Wanted GN
Avengers Ultron Unbound TPB
Crossed TPB Vol 12
Harley Quinn HC Vol 2 Power Outage
Rogue Trooper Classics TPB
Skull Slayer TPB
Skyward Action Pack TPB
Avengers By Jonathan Hickman HC Vol 1
New Avengers By Jonathan Hickman HC Vol 1
Star Wars Legends Epic Collection TPB Vol 1
Cerebus High Society DVD Audio Digital Experience
Miracleman Premier HC Book 3 Olympus


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New & Back In Stock Sakkal Majalla Burgundy PNG1Monster Button Big JPG1Deadman Wonderland GN Vol 1
Deadman Wonderland GN Vol 5
Jupiters Legacy TPB Vol 1
Last Man GN Vol 1 Stranger
Attack On Titan Before The Fall GN Vol 1
Aquarion Evol GN Vol 1
Ajin GN Vol 4
Magical Girl Apocalypse GN Vol 3
Monster TPB Vol 4 Perfect Edition
Red Girls SC Novel
Dot Hack Legend of the Twilight Complete Series DVD
One Piece DVD Sea 6 Voyage Four DVD
Noir Complete Series Bd
Tokyo Ravens Sea One Part 1 Ltd Ed Blu-ray + DVD


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ultron PNG1 BigPOP! Avengers AoU Ultron Vinyl Figure
Naruto Mist Village Logo Headband
Naruto Sand Village Logo Headband
Naruto Sound Village Logo Headband
Sailor Moon Gm Figure Sailor Mars
Pocket POP! Avengers AoU Hulk Vinyl Keychain
Pocket POP! Avengers AoU Iron Man Vinyl Keychain
Pocket POP! Avengers AoU Thor Vinyl Keychain
Batman Black & White Statue By Dave Johnson


Stop by either one of our two locations today to browse literally thousands of graphic novels, manga and collections at great prices – no matter what your pleasure, we’ve got a great read for you.

- Team Tarantula, You Can’t Get That Online

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