October 29th 2016: StarCityGames.Com Invitational Qualifier – Modern


StarCityGames.com Invitational Qualifier – 10/29/2016

Registration: 12:00pm til 12:55pm or Register online!
Time: 01:00pm
Format: Modern
Event Fee: $25

Hairy Tarantula
6979 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M2M 3X9 CA

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Prize Support:

*This event offers scaling prize support! (Bring your friends to add to the prize pool.)

For each player beyond 24, 5 Booster Packs (or $25 in Store Credit) will be added to the overall prize pool. At 32 players, prize support will extend to 12th place and at 48 it will extend to 16th.

Guaranteed Prizes:

FREE Invitational Winner token for the first 50 registrants
Open Series playmat door prize awarded after round 3
16 SCG Premium Vouchers door prizes

1st – $250, Qualification for a StarCityGames.com Invitational
2nd: 24 Booster Packs (Kaladesh) OR $120 Store Credit
3rd-4th: 12 Booster Packs (Kaladesh) OR $60 Store Credit
5th-8th: Booster Packs (Kaladesh) OR $30 Store Credit

Top 8 Finishers all receive an Exclusive SCG Invitational Qualifier Playmat
Top 8 Finishers all receive a SCG IQ Top 8 Pin

Questions –
E-Mail: hairytmagic@gmail.com
Phone: 647-430-1263

D&D Store Campaign: Arc 3 Character Creation & Sign Up

Dungeons and Dragons: Store Campaign

It’s a story of adventure, magic, politics and greed. Where one can be a hero, or the villain – it’s all in the eye of the Beholder. Welcome to the Eye of Terrakin – the ongoing story for the Hairy T store campaign.

Join us every Thursday night at 7pm as our mightiest of heroes seek the ultimate prize. Arc 3: New Character Creation/Sign Up

Place: Hairy T North Time: 7pm Date: November 3rd, 2016

On Thursday November 10th, we will be starting a the newest story arc for our adventurers; new players will be introduced to a world in turmoil – where each table provides a separate yet interactive facet to the ongoing story. Every decision your party makes will affect other players and their parties. Join us as our team of Dungeon Masters unfold the epic tale on one man’s quest to hold the power of the Citadel.

This is a Hairy T Store Campaign, and sessions cost $5 each, or $25 for the six-week arc. Refreshments are included in the cost. We prefer to take pictures of players/groups during these events for ads and social media; players who do not wish their photo to be posted online must inform us during registration.


Spooktacular D&D – Hairy T Downtown

Greetings Ghouls and Ghosts

Tonight at the Hairy Tarantula prepare yourselves for a night of horror and invocation as you take part in a very special Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition session. For those who escape with their lives there awaits a prize! [Players who escape/live through tonight's "Tomb of Horror" will be awarded their choice of Chessix Polyhedral Dice - Selection may vary]

Enter our parlor of the dammed tonight at 6:30PM

We ask that you provide a gift to the Tarantula Elder God in the sum of $5 to participate in tonight’s tomb of horror.
We offer trinkets of Candy to provide you with the strength to over come the terror that awaits you

Join us every Thursday night as we host the on going store campaign for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. For more details on about the store campaign please contact your local Hairy T *** Please note that Thursday October 27 there will be no D&D at Hairy T North as they prepare for their next story arc starting on November 10th. – Character creation starts November 3rd.

Downtown: us@hairyt.com
North: hairytmagic@gmail.com


Shadowrun Arc 6 Character Creation Night – November 8th 2016

The year is 2075.

Corporate greed has enslaved the world of man. The Awakening has sent the population into turmoil – parents lose their children, children lose their parents. The world is divided into the Haves and the have-nots and you are the last hope to bring down the power structure of the wealthy. You lurk in the shadows, you are a Shadowrunner.

On Wednesday November 8th, join in the fun of Shadowrun, as we do character creation night for the sixth exciting story arc in the on-going store campaign. Explore the worlds of Technology and Magic where Rule #1 is Don’t make deals with Dragons.

Time 7pm till 10pm November 8: Character Creation [Please allow roughly 3 hours to make your character] November 15: Arc 6 – Part 1 – The Good, The Bad, and Damn, You’s Ugly!

This is a Hairy T Store Campaign, and sessions cost $5 each, or $25 for the six-week arc. Refreshments are included in the cost.