96 Hours Remain – Summer Of Magic

We are getting closer to our biggest Magic promotion ever! There are only a few days left before you can start earning -  and reaping your rewards with the Summer of Magic series.

The Summer Of Magic

Now it is time to learn how you can get a hold of some really awesome cards during this promotional event!

Every time you play in any of our sanctioned magic events, you can collect points. Simply come up to the magic counter at the end of your match with your match slip or opponent and let us know.

Once you have confirmed your point total, you are ready for the next round. The more you play, the more points you can collect.

You must collect your points during the event you are playing – it is up to you whether you want to collect points or not!

Then on July 29th, at Friday Night Magic, the 10 people with the highest point totals may redeem their points from our prize wall.


Prize Wall

The Prize Wall will contain a selection of 45 cards, from Dual Lands to Fetches, Judge Promos and more.

This collection will be on display at Hairy T North starting July 1st.


  • Team Tarantula – Rockin it since ’94

The Summer Of Magic Starts In 5 Days!


What better way is there to celebrate Magic than to play Magic? And what better way to play Magic than a friendly group game of Commander?
For the whole month of July we’re running Commander pods for $1 per entrant; for every pod of 4 that fires, someone will win a pack of any standard booster pack.

These pods are “on demand”, so if you’ve got a couple of hours to spend with some friends, we invite you to come over and play for some packs in a fun and friendly environment; all players are welcome!

Keep your eyes peeled for more details of our truly awesome July Magic promotion, because every round you play in any of our July events will earn you points for great prizes to be handed out at the end of the month.

Here are a few more of the high-value and low-cost events we have planned for July Tuesdays:

Tuesday Magic Events at HTNorth:

1PM: $2 “Canadian Highlander” – Try out this great new variant of 1-on-1 Highlander; 3 rounds of swiss. More info on the format here: https://canadianhighlander.wordpress.com/intro-to-format/

4PM: Free! Proxy Legacy – With the release of Eternal Masters, Legacy play has exploded, and now you can test your decks without worrying. This is an unsanctioned casual event.

7PM: $3 Modern – $100 Prize pool to top 8 (guaranteed with 8 or more players)

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow with another exciting update!

-Team Tarantula – Rollin’ With It Since ’94

Introducing Zip Drafts. 6 Days Left To Go



Introducing Zip Draft

Zip drafts are a casual multiplayer draft format between 4-8 players per pod.

Each participant gets two packs of standard cards each. Each player may choose different packs if they so wish. For example you may draft with a pack of Magic Origins, and Shadows Over Innistrad if you so wish.

The packs are opened like how they are in regular draft.
Players are seated randomly and pack 1 is passed to the left, and pack 2 to the right. Once both packs have been drafted it is time to build your deck.

Deck Construction:

Each deck must have a minimum of 30 cards to a maximum of 40 cards. Once everyone has constructed their deck archetype, play will begin.


There will be 3 rounds

Entry Fee: $10


1st: 2 Packs

2nd: 1 Pack

These events will be ON Demand at 4PM Every Day during the month of July.